Murder on the Orient Express audio clip

Murder on the Orient Express audio clip

Zimbio have shared more photos of a bespectacled Dan, while Harper Audio have uploaded a clip of Dan reading Murder on the Orient Express. 

The Making of Planet Earth and The North London Book of the Dead

BBC America has shared a clip from The Making of Planet Earth, a documentary narrated by Dan which will be  broadcast tomorrow.

"My week" in the Telegraph, Private Passions on BBC Radio 3

Dan's "My week" is available on the Telegraph website.

He will be Michael Berkeley's guest in an upcoming episode of Private Passions which will be broadcast on 11 December.

Afternoon Reading: "Together"

Dan reads "Together", the first episode of next week's Afternoon Reading, Face It. It will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 next Tuesday at 3.30pm.

BT London 2012 Storytellers

BT have launched their London 2012 Storytellers website, and have a number of celebrities and athletes signed up to participate, including Dan. Visit the website for more information. 

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