The Ticket: Tribeca premiere photos

The Ticket: Tribeca premiere photos

Photos of Dan from the premiere of The Ticket at Tribeca have been shared on Zimbio.

The Guest: FrightFest reviews

The Guest: FrightFest reviews

Some fabulous reviews for Dan's performance in The Guest have been shared following the screening at FrightFest at the weekend. Thank you to the kind person who shared all the links.

The Guest: fabulous SXSW festival reviews

The Guest screened at the recent SXSW Festival to more fabulous reviews.

The Guest: Dan Stevens completely owns every second of Wingard’s movie

The Guest screened at last weekend's SXSW Festival to more fantastic feedback online, including this new review.

The Guest: Icon Film pick up for UK distribution

News that Icon Film has picked up The Guest for UK distribution, has been shared by The Hollywood Reporter

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