Actors' Guild Bursary 2011

Dan will present the Actors' Guild Bursary on 2 May 2011. The bursary helps to financially support one professional actor for an entire year by providing him or her with industry must-haves such as a subscription to Spotlight, and headshot and showreel services.


Actors' Guild Bursary 2011

Would like to know how the recipient of this Bursary is chosen. A panel of theatre critics, or maybe chosen by his or her Drama School? The award is of enormous benefit to the winner and can only be beneficial to his or her future in this uncertain and precarious profession. Perhaps we can be notified in The Stage or another theatrical publication with the name and photograph of the winner. and I wish the actor/actress every good wish for the future.

bursary award

Stilll have no idea what time this event is taking place or where. Anyone any ideas pls.?

 The winner will be announced

 The winner will be announced tomorrow.

 Have heard nothing I'm

 Have heard nothing I'm afraid - shall ask if I get the chance.

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