Agatha Christie audio books And Then There Were None & Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie audio books And Then There Were None & Murder on the Orient Express

Fans of Dan's audio books will be delighted, apparently he has been recording Agatha Christie classics "And Then There Were None" and "Murder on the Orient Express" for Harper Audio. 


A lovely photo was shared on Facebook from his time in the studio. 


How exciting! Always being a

How exciting! Always being a big fan of his audio books. Looking forward to new ones, especially And Then There Were None.

Agatha Christie and Dan? that's brilliant.


Thats the Dan we love, that smile and the twinkle in his eye...and now more of that voice!!! Do fervently hope the new audios will be available here as well.

Looking good & great expectations

So glad to hear that we shall have another new audiobook to add to the previous three announcements.
Two Roald Dahl books and now not one, but two by Agatha Christie.
Great news & high hopes!

Also, glad to see this photo of Dan looking happy and relaxed.

Nice Smile!

Really, I do not think I have seen a picture with a smile since thie new look...

cheeky Dan

Ah, 'yes', he's looking much healthier. Filming for his latest movie must be over.

Wasn't commenting on his weight

Was directed at his eyes and smile.

There he is!

Lovely pic of Dan looking more like his light-hearted, semi-cheeky, confident and always lovable self. Thanks for sharing this!

More Like Dan !

Thank you for sharing this photograph with us . Lovely shot with Dan looking more himself !Really looking forward to listening to the new audio books soon.

Dan Stevens


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