Andrew Marr Show interview on BBC iPlayer

Dan's appearance this morning on the Andrew Marr Show will be available to watch again on BBC iPlayer later today. Dan chatted Summer in February, Swallows and Amazons, and of course Downton Abbey.


So disappointed unable...

Unable to access the interview here in the US...any way it could be available soon??

Someone uploaded it to You

Someone uploaded it to You Tube :)



What a delightful interview, my thanks for making this available on You Tube. Dan's intelligence, his facile use of the English language, is always a treat to watch and listen to. He is the consummate gentleman, and such a handsome one, those traits don't always go together in the world of celebrities. He is perfectly suited to this kind of interview, rather than the utter nonsense of some "talk" shows. Isn't he just a lovely young man!
from the USA

Andrew Marr Show

Is there any way to watch it in the US ?

A good interview

It is always a joy to see Dan on TV, and this particular interview was no different! Articulate, amiable and polite. Hope to see more soon - meanwhile, good luck with "Summer In February" and all the other forthcoming films, audiobooks and writings.

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