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Dan reviewed Caitlin Moran's new book How to be a Woman for the Times, and the Independent has published a few quotes from the review:

"Man-made scales of 'fitness' or 'hotness' have been wildly confused with those of beauty... As an actor, you continually see the ridiculous additional pressures heaped on actresses to 'look right' when actually what the camera sees when it spies the 'great actress' – what distinguishes them, and indeed the 'great woman', from her peers – is not on the surface at all. It is what illuminates the love-light in every man, whether he knows it or not. It's that little spark behind the eyes; an intellectual curiosity, an erotic imagination – and just maybe a knowledge of early Nineties indie and dance music."

The review can be read in full on the Times website - a payment is required for access.


 The full review has now been

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