Aston Martin Vanquish Launch Party

Aston Martin Vanquish Launch Party

Photos of Dan attending the Aston Martin Vanquish Launch Party yesterday have been uploaded to various photo agencies, including Wire Image and Getty Images. An interview with Dan from the event has been posted in the Evening Standard. Read it in full on that site.

The third season of Julian Fellowes’s hugely popular ITV series is being filmed now. It will be set in the roaring Twenties.

Stevens, 29, who plays Matthew Crawley, said: “It’s going great — Julian is a genius and I think this script brings us back to the glory days of the first series. It’s frustrating as we can’t tell anyone anything about the storylines, it’s such a secret. But most people don’t want to know. "They don’t want us to spoil anything. Even when we’re at home with the family, I’ll come back and say, ‘You never guess what happens’, and they all tell me to shut up.”

Stevens was speaking at the launch of Aston Martin’s Vanquish sports car at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden

There are further photos of Dan playing cricket to be found on Flickr.

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens


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