BAFTA Celebrates 'Downton Abbey' photos

BAFTA Celebrates 'Downton Abbey' photos

Getty has shared photos of Dan and the cast of Downton Abbey at the BAFTA celebration of 'Downton Abbey' at Richmond Theatre this evening.




Dans Downton Abbey pics.

God, its good to see Dan back in the public eye again and over here. Stay! Do get back on the stage again Dan, maybe not Shakespeare yet, but you are so bloody good at it, when the time is right. What role tho? PG

So very pleased

So very pleased to see Dan joining the BAFTA Tribute.

Still the most gorgeous fellow

Those beautiful 'Matthew' eyes were definitely not out of place there, were they? Hope to see more candids soon. Dan is just the best....

I miss Matthew!

Downton hasn't been the same for me after Matthew died. Still watch it, but the "magic" is missing.

Those eyes!

You are gorgeous! I love your beautiful blue eyes!

Dan Stevens


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Dan for sale...

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