BAFTA LA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party

BAFTA LA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party

 Getty Images has photos of Dan attending this afternoon's BAFTA LA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party. 


BAFTA LA Awards Party

First, I was puzzled as to why Dan Stevens would be a red carpet guest at a BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party when he has not made any British Films or TV series in 2013, choosing to concentrate on carving out a career in the US instead. Summer in February was filmed in 2012. Then I realised the fact that it premiered in June 2013 in England does put him in the mix.

Did Summer in February get any nominations - for the very beautiful music and the cinematography? It certainly does deserve one for both those categories.

No Awards

Summer in February was an independent movie made and produced by a very small Production Company even though it did cost approximately in the realm of 20 million Pounds Sterling to make. There was no way it could compete against those big production company way. Not even with Dan Stevens as a Star and as one of the Executive Producers.

Pity though, the music was beautiful.

Summer in February

As a financial contributor involved with bringing our very good friend's novel to the screen, it cost approximately 6 million pounds Sterling give or take a couple of hundred thousand pounds to cover the actual filming and production costs.

The largest expense by far are /were the actual distribution costs and for it to be shown on a regular circuit in the US it would have cost over $20 million US. The distribution costs have far out-stripped the actual Production costs. Box Office Sales did not cover these costs.

Thank you for the clarification

Thank you for the clarification - much appreciated!

A very special 'gem' of a film, whatever the cost.

Thank you.

The film and score both deserve...

...much credit and appreciation, a beautiful story brought to the big screen by a very determined and passionate group of people, Dan (actor & producer), Jonathan Smith (author) and Jeremy Cowdrey (producer) to name but a few. Plus, a wonderful score by Benjamin Wallfisch.

I understood that the producton costs were nearer five million, but I suspect that figures vary considerably according to their various sources. Whatever it eventually was, I believe that it was worth every single penny and I can only thank those who put so much effort into getting it made.

So handsome

Great to see him out and about!!

Dan Stevens


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