Beauty and the Beast: filming to begin May in London

Beauty and the Beast: filming to begin May in London

According to a Radio Times article, filming on Beauty and the Beast begins in May. 

Producer Todd Lieberman has confirmed that his new all-singing, all-dancing project, a live action Disney musical, will begin filming in London this spring. The Beauty and the Beast production will shoot from 18th May with Harry Potter star Emma Watson as Belle.

Lieberman – who's worked on Warm Bodies and The Muppets – cannot wait to get started on the project. "Beauty and the Beast we’re wildly excited about," he explained to Collider. "That’s shooting in London."

"We’ve got Emma Watson, we’ve got Bill Condon directing, and Stephen Chbosky wrote our script. It’s really fun, and we couldn’t be happier about that."


Home Sweet Home!

I would think that even though Dan seems to enjoy New York, he will be happy indeed to be on home turf again in London, I would, and I'm a dedicated American! Good luck Dan, this will be a delight, I'm sure...

filming of Beauty and the Beast in London in May

This is truly great news and filming" Beauty and the Beast" here in the UK this Spring, can bring both these fine actors back into the public eye (if that is what they both wish) Good wishes with this delightful project.

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