Belarus Free Theatre protests

Belarus Free Theatre protests

Playbill have reported recently on a protest outside the Belarusian Embassy in London last December, which Dan took part in, and linked to several photos on Flickr from Grey Photography.

Award-winning actor Ian McKellen, playwrights Tom Stoppard, Martin Sherman, as well as West End actors Harriet Walter, Dan Stevens, Malcolm Sinclair, Samuel West and Catherine Kelly, gathered outside the Belarussian embassy in London Dec. 21 to protest the incarceration of Belarus Free Theatre members. You can view a photo of the protest here.

The Belarus Free Theatre made headlines in late December 2010 when several of its members were arrested after protesting Lukashenko's Dec. 19 re-election. His opponents claimed election fraud. Belarus Free Theatre members went into hiding following the harsh government reaction to the protests, and the Public Theater made arrangements to quietly transport the performers from the Eastern European nation in time to participate in the Under the Radar Festival in early January. Critics praised the bold, political work.

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