The Big British Invite : Dan interview for The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal website has shared another interview with Dan from the recent Visit Britain event.  There should be more information on this page too. 


A pleasant change

It's a pleasant change to read a lighthearted article about Dan rather than the rather sensationalist 'stories'. eg. today in another section of the Mail, actually containing many factual errors, which only give rise to more unpleasant online comments. For goodness sake - the man is an actor trying to take his craft to the best of his abilities - putting heart and soul into whatever his film or stage character demands of him. If that means a change in looks, then so be it.
It saddens me to think that he may read such drivel and personally offensive remarks. Objective criticism is one thing, personal rudeness is another.
The ease with which such behaviour can be exercised is one of the disadvantages of the internet - would these people be so keen to express their venom if they actually had to be accountable for their words?

Sorry for the rant, but I cannot readily accept that this is how adult, mature, reasonable people behave!

Thank you for your post 'A

Thank you for your post 'A Pleasant Change'

Could'nt agree more...

I avoid and ignore the sometimes silly, often crude and rude way that some people feel the need to express...mostly anonymously. Dan Stevens always appears to conduct himself in such a refreshingly gentlemanly manner, and his talent will light up any stage or screen, in any role he chooses. and then...there is that keen intelligence. A man for all seasons, in my opinion.
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