Boy & Going Solo: new Roald Dahl audio books

Boy & Going Solo: new Roald Dahl audio books

Penguin Audio has uploaded a sound clip of Dan reading Boy by Roald Dahl, which will be available to buy from on 26th September

Going Solo and Boy will be released in UK on September 5th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK. 


On order & eagerly anticipated

It will be so good to hear Dan reading some more books soon.

I have already pre-ordered these.....

As an American Dan Stevens fan and an Anglophile, I shall be absolutely delighted to receive these. He reads so well - and I hope these are humourous; I'd get such a kick out of some comic turns rendered by our polymath.


I enjoyed reading the Boy & Going Solo series. It helped me to revisit those memories of childhood of goofing up with my friends and having the best time of my life. Thanks for helping me to travel down the memory lane! snoring remedies

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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