Casino Royale, Summer in February, Booker Prize

Casino Royale, Summer in February, Booker Prize

Casino Royale is now available for pre-order on the AudioGo website. The audiobook has a bonus feature - an interview with Dan.

Dan and Peter Stothard discussed the long-list for the Man Booker Prize on Front Row last week.

Screen Daily has an interview with Dan, Jonathan Smith, Christopher Menaul and Dominic Cooper about Summer in February.


Summer in February

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Casino Royale CD

Why isn't this CD, narrated by Dan, with an interview with Dan, not available in the United States?
Why are we treated as poor relations? Don't the production and distribution companies know how many fans he has here in America? Not too smart!


I agree with the above, though probably there are reasons, (economic?,) we don't know about. I would order every audio book Dan has made, if it were possible to do so here in the US. Perhaps by the time he has appeared on Broadway in "The Heiress", and then season 3 of Downton, the powers that be will come to their senses and make them available here. Just a passing thought by the way, but Dan would make a perfect Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley in the Elizabeth George series of books. He has the exact good looks, speech, and demeanor of that character. Know its been done on BBC a while back, but....that was before Dan!
from the USA

Dan Stevens


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