Comic Relief: the Big Red Nose Show and Twitrelief

The Evening Standard has an article about the BBC Big Red Nose Show (14 March), in which Dan will participate as a kazooer. Here's an excerpt:

"We have been assembled by Freud and her Comic Relief cohort Emma Kennedy to record idents for BBC Radio to broadcast in the run-up to Red Nose Day. Our confused Sailing By will precede John Prescott reading the Shipping Forecast on Radio 4... [Dan] Stevens and [Stephen] Mangan are competing to get the deepest notes out of their kazoos..."

Booking details are in this post.


He has also contributed to the Twitrelief auction for Comic Relief (credit to Dan's Twitter for the heads up). Auction details are at eBay. The "superfollow plus" has the following things:

The ‘Super-Follow’ means that Dan will do ALL of these things...
1.    Follow you on Twitter for 90 days
2.    Retweet one of your tweets
3.    Send out a tweet including your Twitter @username
And as if that weren’t enough,
4.    Matthew Crawley off of Downton will ring from set while filming series 2 with at least 3 other cast members and sing happy birthday to a person of your choice.

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