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Feature films The Ticket, Oppenheimer Strategies, and Beauty and the Beast are all in post-production. Dan has most recently been shooting feature films Collosal and Permission, and will be filming TV pilot Legion from March .




Listen to Dan reading Humpty Dumpty

Selected Shorts have just released "Curiouser & Curiouser: A Celebration of Alice in Wonderland which includes Dan Stevens telling the tale of Humpty Dumpty.
Listen here:
Also available to download from iTunes for a while.

Dan talking about "The Ticket"

Something different from Dan, pleased, & I am eagerly awaiting the release of this latest film.


Good to see these again. Miss seeing Dan on tv and in radio plays. Hoping for a repeat of Line of Beauty, he was brilliant in that.


Both films scheduled to be screened on UK tv tonight.

Agatha Christie's NEMESIS 8.00pm ITV3

THE TURN OF THE SCREW 10.00pm UK DRAMA CHANNEL (Dan Stevens & Michelle Dockery)


Now available for download from iTunes UK, & DVD due for release March 7th.
Without giving anything away this film is brilliant - Dan's Noah shows us yet again how versatile an actor he is.


Wishing Dan a wonderful day.......Happy Birthday!


"Thank you Dan for another brilliant year - screen & audio"

Dan reads Varengeville by William Boyd

Podcast available from Selected Shorts which includes a reading by Dan.

"On this program, guest host Jane Curtin presents four stories involving art and artists. Love is the enemy of art in Stacey Richter’s “The Minimalist,” read by Parker Posey; a lonely boy and an aging painter are friends in William Boyd’s “Varengeville,” read by Dan Stevens; and Dolan Morgan and Helen Phillips offer two surreal stories about home life and parenting, inspired by Ed Ruscha’s High Line mural. The readers are Rita Wolf and Heather Burns."

Another entertaining & excellent performance by Dan.

Radio drama ORLEY FARM available again

The 2008 BBC Radio 4 drama ORLEY FARM by Anthony Trollope will be broadcast again.

A great cast, including Dan.

3 episodes starting 23rd April 2015 10.00 am

Also available on iPlayer

More interviews

A brief but entertaining interview on GMB this morning, and another excellet one at

Latest "Night At The Museum" clip

A fun, behind the scenes look in the latest video -
Dan pedalling around on a bike!

Today interview with Dan

A 'fun' interview with Dan on the Today programme this morning.

Homer's The Iliad & The Odyssey audiobook review

Happy Reader

We are not able to buy this in the States can you publish the interview with Dan on the web site?

THE HAPPY READER available now

From Penguin Books, a new "Bookish Quarterly", is available now.

Featuring a long interview with Dan, with photos.

Just £3

New photos & interview in Esquire UK Magazine Dec.2014

8 full pages of great photos & interview, plus a further part page, in December 2014 issue of Esquire UK magazine.

The Coral Thief & Dickens Confidential

There is still time to catch up with listening to the repeated broadcasts of Dan in these two series.
He reads The Coral Thief exquisitely and plays an admirable Dickens in 6 episodes of Dickens Confidential.
Available on BBC iPlayer now

Dan reading The Coral Thief - repeat available again now

Dan's reading of The Coral Thief, originally broadcast in 2010, is being repeated -

Good news!

Dan as Charles Dickens

BBC Radio 4 Extra are repeating some episodes of Dickens Confidential.

Well worth listening to.

The Iliad & The Odyssey audiobooks

Two new audiobooks read by Dan, released today on iTunes & Audible for download,

The CD editions are available later in September.

So pleased to have two new readings by Dan to enjoy.

Dan Stevens - Flickering Myth podcast coming soon

Podcast coming soon from Flickering Myth

Dan Stevens on The Picture Show, Newstalk FM Sept. 6th

Philip Molloy brings you movie news, reviews, interviews, profiles, movie history and stories about trends in cinema. Every Saturday from 6-7pm. This week he talks about his interview with Dan Stevens, held on Monday Sept. 1st

106-108 FM

Dan Stevens on Steve Wright in the Afternoon radio show

Sept. 2nd 2.00pm BBC Radio 2
Should also be available on BBC iPlayer.

New article about Dan in the Guardian Weekend

Tomorrow 30th August 2014

Guardian Weekend interview with photos

Today's Guardian Weekend features Dan on the cover with a good multi-page interview within!

Here's the link

Interview & photos

New interviews with Dan

Instyle Magazine US edition
Daily Mail Q & A 17th August 2014
Attitude Magazine September 2014 edition

All excellent & well worth reading.

Instyle Magazine - Dan Stevens

Apparently Dan is featured as the Man of Style in this month's Instyle magazine. Does anyone know if this is in both US & UK editions? Has anyone seen it yet?

Instyle Magazine

Some very, very kind and talented soul scanned Dan's interview in the mag to tumblr - here it is :)

Boy does he look fiiiiine!

New photo of Dan...

on photographer Perou's website

Alex Rider stories read by Dan Stevens Audiobooks re-released -

The three audiobook versions of the Alex Rider stories by Anthony Horowitz - Crocodile Tears, Snakehead & Scorpia Rising, appear to have been re-released 26th June 2014. This is very good news, as Crocodile Tears had been generally unavailable for a very long time.

Alex Rider audiobooks

Thank you for this info, but who is re releasing and how can I order them ?


Available on / Amazon uk. Not sure about situation in USA.

Alex Rider audiobooks

Thank you for this info, but who is re releasing and how can I order them ?

Alex Rider books

Thank you for this info,but would like to,know if these are being released in USA or just in UK.? Can I get them through Amazon?

The Story of the Siren by E.M. Forster read by Dan

A few days left to listen to this repeat broadcast, read by Dan Stevens

The Heroes' Welcome by Louisa Young - no spoilers!

No spoilers, but I just wanted to say that Dan's reading of this wonderful book is simply amazing! I may have experienced most emotions in listening to a very wide variety of audiobooks, but Dan's performance and Louisa's writing are so powerful that I have to admit - I wept buckets......this is an outstanding sequel to "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You". So moving, so tender, so enlightening and original it its handling of a time that most of us have no real understanding of.

Heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Dan & Louisa.

Not long now until....

....Dan's latest audiobook will be released. 22nd May. "The Heroes' Welcome", the long awaited for sequel to "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You" by Louisa Young.

It will be good to hear him seems like ages since we last saw or heard anything, although with two more audiobooks and four more films due for release later this year, there is much to look forward to. Thank goodness!

It is yet another really good story....

...and so beautifully read by Dan.

I have read that Louisa Young will be on BBC Radio 4 "Woman's Hour" on June 2nd to discuss the book.

Oh good! Tomorrow is nearly here...

...and "The Heroes' Welcome" will be available. Amazon are dispatching pre-ordered CDs today, and presumably downloads will also become available!


Apparently the Amazon UK release of the CD version has been delayed until early June (no explanation from Amazon) but it can be downloaded from iTunes. Thank heavens!

Somehow missed this at the time - Summer In February interview

In case anyone else missed it, here is another interview with Dan, Dominic Cooper, Jonathan Smith, and other cast members, about Summer In February.
Well worth watching!

Corinthia Artist in Residence 2014 award winners

"Zawe Ashton and David Petch, the joint winners of the Corinthia Artist in Residence 2014, have completed their month long stay at the hotel during which time they wrote and directed two short films, with a budget of £15K each. The films will be screened at a private ceremony at Corinthia Hotel London on 12th May 2014, entered into the London Film Festival and screened publicly at the Corinthia Hotel London during the month of October 2014.

Actress Zawe Ashton directs and casts Daisy Lowe
Zawe Ashton’s short, starring Daisy Lowe and Tom Ellis (Vera Drake), sees two returning guests of the hotel develop a relationship during their sleepwalking adventures. The story poses questions about how we connect as human beings and how the digital era we live in demands us to be ‘switched on’ at all times, leaving little time for fantasy and escape.

Noisettes singer takes time out from recording solo album to star in short
David Petch’s film pays homage to sleep and dreams, echoing the way space and time work differently in dreams to our waking life. The story is about a beautiful singer, played by Shingai Shoniwa (The Noisettes), waiting to perform at the hotel. As we are drawn further into her personal life, the boundaries of her perceptions shift, bringing us closer to her more fragile dreamlike view of the world. Ashley Walters (‘Top Boy’) stars as the co-lead.

A stellar panel of judges
The fledgling filmmakers’ treatments were submitted to Corinthia’s national call in December 2013 and shortlisted by a stellar panel of judges that included: Amanda Berry (BAFTA), Steve Davies (APA), Eric Fellner (Working Title), Mike Figgis (Director), David Glasser (The Weinstein Company), Amanda Nevill (BFI), Sarah Sands (Evening Standard), Justine Simons (The Mayor’s Office), Dan Stevens (Actor), Lucy Tuck (FT), Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Culture) and Zain Verjee (CNN)."

I read that Dan was hoping to attend the screening last night.

Maybe still filming Night At The Museum 3

Not certain who did attend, but Dan is probably still filming NATM3.

Old but still interesting & very relevant

I came across a BookD Podcast today, available free on iTunes "Louisa Young & Dan Stevens present..." about her WW1 novel "My Dear I Wanted To Tell You". Dan recorded the prize winning audiobook edition and there is an extract in this programme.
The book was this year's choice for Cityread, and happily, later this month, the sequel will be available. Even more exciting is the fact that Dan has narrated this as well.

Another chance to see "Sense & Sensibility"

Tonight on Drama Channel 20, in the UK. All 3 episodes starting at 16.00.

Well worth watching again, and a 'must' if you haven't already seen it.

Dan, together with Hattie Morahan, Dominic Cooper, David Morrissey, Charity Wakefield, Janet McTeer, and many more brilliant actors. Made in 2008.

Dan & Shakespeare

45 minutes of a Shakespeare masterclass, with Sir Peter Hall working with a young Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall, are downloadable as an extra feature with the latest edition of Sir Peter Hall's "Shakespeare's Advice To The Players" by Oberon Books. Dan has also written the Foreword to the book.
I have to say that it is a fascinating experience to hear this, and quite enlightening.

I just wonder whether Dan will return to the Shakespearian stage again at some point in the future. That would truly be a significant and rewarding audience experience.

Dan Stevens


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