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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are all awaiting general release in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently doing the press tour for Beauty and the Beast.




Not again

I am saddened to see, yet again, more unpleasant criticism about Dan's decision to leave Downton Abbey. For some reason Julian Fellowes is being freshly quoted, or requoted, about the reason he had to kill off Matthew. He states that although he tried to persuade him to stay for just one more episode, so that he could give Mary & Matthew a happy ending, Dan was adamant that he wanted to leave at the end of Series 3.
As we know, Dan and Jessica (Lady Sybil), both gave notice of their intention not to renew/extend their original 3 year contacts, in to what was then an uncertain fourth series and possibly a fifth. They both did this before filming of Series 3 actually started. My point is that Julian Fellowes and the production team had plenty of time to write and incorporate that episode within Series 3, to everybody's satisfaction. I do wonder whether the monetary attraction of extending the succesful drama beyond its originally envisaged story line of 3 seasons clouded the issue somewhat. After all. the story had really been told by then.
It is such a shame that this bad feeling keeps being raked up. Dan made a decision that he adhered to, no doubt with his responsibilities to himself and his family firmly in mind. All credit to him, and to Jessica, for being brave enough to step out of the comfort zone and face new challenges.
I shall miss Dan as Matthew, and feel that Series 4 of Downton Abbey will be very sad to watch, but I credit Dan as fine actor, who will take on many roles and challenges in the future. All the best Dan!

I agree entirely! They want to pin the blame on Dan!

I guess the producers are worried about ratings for Season 4 & beyond . . . so they are looking to blame Dan if the ratings should tumble?? Being shown in 100+ countries, including China, invovles huge $$$ profits for the producers.

I have read overseas Downton fans sites - whilst all the characters of Downton have their own storylines and fasincation, it is the Mary/Matthew love story which is most talked about. The whole point of Downton is the vital issue of the estate, money, title, way of life - and who is the rightful heir. { In fact, there is a real life Downton Abbey inhertiance problem - in a recent news interview, Lord Torrington (a real viscount in England) cannot pass his title and estate to his eldest daughter (she has a son) - the entailment will go to a distant 6th cousin who lives in Canada! }

I agree that the story of Downton had been told by Season 3. Dan and Jessica both fulfilled their original contracts and gave notice way ahead of time - before the filming of Season 3, and definitely before the producers opted to pick up Season 4 & 5. These are young actors (in Dan's case, with a growing family to support) so they should really pursue roles and projects which would give them the opportunities to expand their talents and to build their careers.

As Emma Thompson famously put it once (after winning her Best Actress Oscar) - "we are British actors - we are always unemployed!" I am sure offers were coming in for Dan and Jessica by the end of Season 2 - so when the producers did not make the commitment to opt for further seasons - hard decisions had to be made. Once a film contract is signed, I don't think the actors have much say in the filming schedule. So even if Dan had wished to come back as a "guest star" role on Season 4 - to make a happier storyline for Mary & Matthew, I doubt if it would have been possible for him to do so.

I do have a suggestion for the producers of Downton - they can produce a collection of random episodes of Downton in the future - call these the "lost episodes" if Dan and Jessica can make time for the filming! These episodes can feature scenes which Julian Fellowes did not write - Sybil's ball in London, the actual wedding ceremony of Matthew & Mary, the months from the cricket game to the visit to the Highlands. . . I am sure Downton faithfuls will buy the DVDs, and the producers can make more $$$ !

Actually, the best option is for Downton Abbey to jump back into time - to go back to Robert's courtship of Cora, and their marriage. There is at least 24+ years of love story to make a great series. If the story is done as a flashback, they can keep Hugh B., Elizabeth M., Maggie Smith, Jim Carter etc., and add another pair of great young actors to play younger Robert & younger Cora. In fact, Michelle Dockery can star as the younger Cora!

I wish Dan all the best. And I hope that he and Michelle will work together again. They have such great chemistry together - like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey. And they look so good together on screen!


Gifted Talented Dan

I love the person that you are becoming-- so diverse and so talented. To also be in a children's movie is just more delightful; you will be a beloved character to millions forever. Dan, keep running with the wind and only slow down when you catch the sun!

Looking forward to all your endeavors,


Downton Abbey Quality

I was not a Downton fan until season three, and enjoyed the interplay between all the actors. I was shocked at the season finale, as the characters of Matthew and Mary had become an episode favorite. I understand that everyone has to consider all career options: However, that does not lessen my disappointment in this story-line detour. I will not watch this series anymore.

The love story

I bought my wife the Downton Abbey 3 ("Era") book for Valentine's Day, not knowing that you would be leaving the series. I returned it yesterday, unread. It's so rare on TV anymore to have a truly good love story that develops and grows with time. The Mary-Matthew love story was a rarity in today's world. Now you have left so you can "do other things" and with that, you have basically ruined what was a uniquely sweet tale that millions of people lived. You have to consider that your actions have consequences for people all over the world. It's just a story, yes, but over time good stories become part of our lives. Thanks a lot.


It's so rare on TV anymore to have a truly good love story that develops and grows with time. The Mary-Matthew love story was a rarity in today's world,

This show brought such peace and happiness to my upside down crazy life. I enjoyed recalling with Mary and Matthew and the Abbey a place in time where we were civil to each other and life was simpler. Dan and Michelle portraying Matthew and Mary gave me much joy in a troubled world.

THE love story

Agree -- but I also agree that Career is also important for Dan Stevens
THat love story has captured my heart & soul & hoped that they (Matthew & Mary) will grow old facing challenges external & internal through the test of time
I hope Dan Stevens can do the Movie & have time to reprise the role in the final Season 5 or whenever the final seaon is -- mourning & heartbroken am I in the Downton World

the important thing is Dan not Matthew!

Off course Dan will be missed in Downton and it is too sad for the storyline... but the reality is that those guys are actors with a career to think about and to be such a successful character can, I expect , have a paradoxical effect of getting them stuck with it for the rest of their career. So best of luck, my guess is that it will prove a good move and so is the new look. Shame for the pressure of being thin amongst that profession, but that how it is... looks good though!


can we have both worlds?
Some Film Power & film god -- please make this happen -- I pray to the one true God that Dan reprises Matthew Crawley after Season 4 -- Hope springs eternal but perhaps this prayer will remain unanswered. This grief is beyond belief even though Matthew is a fictional character -- I blame Dan Stevens for playing him super very well that the world loves Matthew Crawley
Matthew Crawley & Dan Stevens equaly important -- I am sure millions of hearts are broken & beyond consolation -- This is strange -- Mary & Matthew love story is iconic as far as Masterpieces or Films couples are -- compassion & emoting is par non THat love story has captured my heart & soul & hoped that they (Matthew & Mary) will grow old facing challenges external & internal through the test of time
I hope Dan Stevens can do the Movie & have time to reprise the role in the final Season 5 or whenever the final seaon is -- mourning & heartbroken am I in the Downton World

Matthew Must Return

I have sent two letters to Julian Fellowes imploring him to give Dan Stevens whatever he wants to return for the final season. Downton must end with Matthew and Mary together. If enough fans worldwide wrote to Mr. Fellowes/ITV requesting this, it might happen. One can hope.

Dan as Edward in Sense & Sensibility will Help Mourning Matthew

Dan as Edward in Sense & Sensibility will Help Mourning Matthew Crawley's untimely death
I am looking forward to more movies --- generously, please reprise Matthew Crawley, Your death was just Cousin Violet's nightmare or Mary's or Mrs. Crawley's or Carson's nightmare ---
Indeed, you can have both worlds the Movies, Plays, TV shows & reprising Matthew Crawley which most of us are looking forward to plus making great number of Downton Abbey addicts happier - The world loves Matthew Crawley

It's only a surface wound.... Right????

It just looks like he died.... Right?

I say put him in the hospital again. keep him there for a season and have him wheeled out in Season 5!

I don't know how they are going to keep interest with two of their three most interesting characters killed off...

I am glad to know that Stevens is so popular and I look forward to watching him throughout his career. Hope directors and screen writers don't continue to kill and mame him from show to show.. Maybe he can garner some important parts that find him the last standing winner to the end.


Missing super Performance as Matthew Croley

I was looking forward to Matthew & Mary growing seasoned & old together as a couple facing challenges, difference, changing world, rearing of children in Downton Abbey, other external & internal conflicts normal for a happily married couple.
Dan Steven's Matthew Crawley's is excellent, par non, unforgettable. He channels James Stewart subconsiously in some poses, his facial range is wide -- all adorable. Acting superb. I wish Season 4 is just Mary Crawley's nightmare & Matthew is still alive.
I am looking forward to watchin Dan Stevens' work & future roles in movies, plays & TV
I saw VAMPS - the van Helsing role was forgettable

SO right!

I was looking forward to Matthew & Mary evolve as a couple. That is what kept me interested in future seasons. Now what? The writer has really shot himself and the storyline in the foot with letting Dan Stevens go!!!

Does anyone know how to

Does anyone know how to acquire CD versions of books narrated by Dan? I need this version for my car, it's not a fully-loaded, new one. The libraries in and around Baltimore, MD seem to have only three. Listening to them is wonderful. His ability to hop between languages, accents, age classes and genders is amazing. I, too, will miss him on Downton, but things change and I admire his strength in making difficult choices. I saw "The Heiress" and loved it and I look forward to his future projects (when is "Summer in February" coming to the States?) Mostly, I wish him well as a husband and father. That is the most imprtant thing he'll ever do.


I ordered mine from Amazon - great prices and wide selections.

Dan Stevens is amazing - he has been nominated for National Award Audiobook of the Year 4 times, and won it in 2011.

If you look at the info pages

If you look at the info pages on the site for each book, there are links to various sources to buy them. Some are available as CD, some on iTunes as downloads. Don't let buying from Amazon UK put you off - CDs work everywhere :D 

Re : "Does anyone know....

Amazon in UK offers quite a few CD editions, you could check for USA availability. It seems much easier and often less expensive, to get downloads from the internet so perhaps you could listen via an iPod or similar with a speaker extension if you have not Bluetooth connectivity in the car.
Also eBay often lists CD versions.
I hope that is of some help.
All of Dan's audiobooks are excellent, and I agree his reading, accents and character variations are the most enjoyable, ever! I do hope that he is going to be able to do more in the future..
Good luck with your search!

Bad Form - Nonsense

To complete your original contract extremely well and to give a full years notice that you wish to leave cannot in any sense, be called Bad Form. Your suggestion about money is offensive and Bad Form.

You will be missed.

Your character on Downton Abbey is the whole reason I got hooked on the show. You played Matthew so well and it was wonderful to see the love you acted with Mary. There is so much drama in tv shows it was nice to have a happy couple in season three, just enjoying each others love. At the beginning of season three I heard through the european grapevine that your character was killed after the birth of Matthews son, so right after you left Mary's side I turned the show off. I do not plan on watching any more Downton Abbey and I prefer to remember Matthew and Mary as a happy couple holding their newborn child. Best of luck to you, I look forward to seeing you in future performances. Bye bye Downton.

You will be more than missed

Bad form young man! Bad form! Were the producers of Downton not paying you enough? I say again, Bad Form.

Thank You

I watched you in Sense and Sensiblilty first and loved the performance and is my favorite production. Then on Downtown Abbey, you and Mary had a great chemistry together. I will greatly miss it and so sad for her character. Thanks for your performances. I think the picture in the library looks like a Ralph Lauren advertisement.

Thank you~

What a wonderful world Downton was with you in it! We will all miss Matthew so, but looking forward to seeing you in many new projects.

I watched Downton because of

I watched Downton because of you. Magnificent actor.

Downton Abbey

Please come back to Downton Abbey! You made the show!!!

Downton Abbey

I dont' care how they bring him back. I just would love to see Downton Abbey end with Matthew and Mary together. Killing him Mat thew was a huge mistake. Downton is not, nor will it ever be, as good as it was when Matthew and Mary graced our t.v. screen.

Please return in season 5

Please return in season 5!!! Have the character written out for a year and then return. The relationship between Matthew & Mary is the reason I watched Downton Abbey -- it will never be the same without Matthew!!!!!

A million Dollars


I will give you one million dollars to make a deal with downton abbey. Get back on that show...

One million dollars....

downton abbey

I just saw the end of season three and young man your death just broke my heart. I loved Matthew. He was the kind of mate every woman should be so blessed to have. A friend had justtold me about the show. I just had surgery and I thought why not check it out. Well in two weeks I had watched am the season up to the final one. I was in love with Matthew and was hooked. It was so much fun to watch the character develop from a country lawyer to the head of a thriving business and his values never changed but only deepened. It didn'thurt that you are a very handsome man either:-). Didn't think this old heart could still be moved but Matthew and Mary's love moved it deeply. Matthew Crawley will be missed. Bless you as you move forward in your career. Downton Abbey will not be the same without those sexy blue eyes!

Good luck, I will miss you in Abbey

Having returned from a cousin's funeral and sitting down to watch my favorite show, I was overcome with a feeling of remorse for what might have been...Of course those saddest words; however, I will miss you so.

You ruined Downton!

Wish you well in your future endeavors. Only Colin Firth is Darcy in my eyes.

Lament for Leading Man of Downton--Alas!!

We female devotees of Downton will miss you greatly.

Maybe your character could be unconscious while you make your new film and wake up at a more convenient time.

I felt such shock at watching you "die" on screen, almost like the death of a friend.

I wish you well in future ventures and will be sure to catch your next flick.



So, the first day of the next step... Looking forward to seeing Dan in film very soon!

Will miss Dan greatly, but...

Dan Stevens is by far my favorite character on Downton, next to Michelle Dockery. Although I am miserably sad to see him go, I am eagerly looking forward to what he does next. I just saw him in The Heiress last night and had the pleasure of meeting him. He was phenomenal. The show blew me away and if I had the chance, would see it again! He is a brilliant man and very talented. He was so friendly after the show and made an effort to meet each and every one of us. He was patient and kind. I would hope, as loyal fans, that we would all have his best interest at heart. Yes, Downton is/was a great place for him, but it's not where he wanted to stay, we should respect that. I, for one, plan on supporting him unconditionally, whether he stays on my favorite show or not. I know a lot of us are sad, and I believe very strongly that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just feel like he deserves a little more respect and support than he's been getting. I have seen some cruel and harsh comments, not necessarily on this site but many others, that are so uncalled for. He is a talented man and I hope to see him go far in his career. He deserves it.

Will miss you greatly, but...

I agree with the post above and wish you the best for your life and career. We are all being selfish in wanting you to stay on DA. Hopefully, Mr. Fellowes does not try to link Mary with anyone less your equal.

You are extremely talented and more attractive than anyone who has ever been cast as 007. Since Colin Firth has moved into more suitable parts for his age as in The King's Speech, you would be great as Mr. Darcy. Looking forward to seeing you become the next year's Oscar Best Actor!

Mr. Darcy

I have to agree with a previous poster that Colin Firth owns the role of Mr. Darcy. There is no actor that can ever replace him in my eyes.

? Dan for Mr.Darcy?

Matthew's accident in Downton Abbey was an awful shock, especially on Christmas Day. If it isn't too late, please consider a return to DA. You played the role of Matthew so brilliantly. The love story of Matthew and Mary was Downton for me; the rest filled in the gaps!
I agree you would make a wonderful Mr. Darcy, and recognise your amazing talent and extremely good looks.
However, whatever you decide, I wish you and your family well for the future, and thank you for your part in creating what must be one of the all time greatest love stories.

I couldn't agree more. Dan is

I couldn't agree more. Dan is so charming an actor.
I am waiting for his new movie and hope to see it in China.

I too will miss Dan...

And totally agree with your sentiments, would love to have seen him in The Heiress, and perhaps to have wished him well in person. But I will happily read what he writes, listen to any of his audio books I can, and await his next television/movie/stage appearance. He deserves the best.
A dan fan

Re "Will miss Dan greatly..."

I totally agree with you, and you were so lucky to be able to see Dan in The Heiress.
At least we have Summer In February to look forward to, and if you haven't tried any already, do listen to all or some of his audiobooks - they are incredibly good, and absolute joy to listen to.

Regrets and Missing Opprotunity

Sincerly you are my least favorite, non-politician on the planet. Few have the opprotunity to create a character that is globally loved, and are silly enough to walk away vs take on the challenges of "Dramatizing Happiness"

You are intrusted with the life of something millions charished and you walked away. Sad... I suspect you will regret this in the future.. I know our family does now...

Why leave Downton..??

It's really sad that you leave Downton...... You are the reason I watching DA.
I had an idea, you could moved to another city, because you got a job, because your'e still alive then. You can come back about 10 years or something.
I hope Mary is pregnant.


Please don't leave Mary! Comeback to Downton!

Downton Abbey

I am so sad you died on Downton! Didn't want you to leave. :(

Downton Abbey

I am so sad you died on Downton! Didn't want you to leave. :(

Dan,一定要参加第4季的唐顿庄园,没有你就不好看了。 D

Dan, hope to see you perfoemance in the new serious, i will be very regret if u don't attend. Love you

Please stay with Downton A

Dan are just too gorgeous for words.
Please, please do not leave Downton A until it is finished. No one can play Matthew like you and I just love the chemistry between you and Michelle dockery.

I'll cry if you leave Downton before it is completed.

Downton Abbey

Please continue on Downton Abbey, you are one of my favorite characters. The show would not be the same without you. You play the perfect gentleman--with sexy blue eyes. You shine in Downton Abbey, I loved your character immediately--it is a perfect fit for you. You will surely break my heart if you do not continue at least through five seasons.

Your beloved fan,


❤ ❤❤

Dan i love u so much~!!! just marry me !!

Summer in Feb

Congratulations on your latest project & missing all the cast & crew of Summer in February already! Hurry back soon & wishing you all the success and love in the world...

The Cove Cornwall

Dan Stevens


Which project are you most looking forward to?:

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