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Feature films The Ticket, Colossal, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, and Beauty and the Beast are all awaiting general release in 2017. Dan has most recently been shooting TV series Legion and feature film The Man Who Invented Christmas, and  is currently doing the press tour for Beauty and the Beast.




I love You~>-<

I hope to see U ~>_

Downton Abbey

Hola Steve, te escribo desde Argentina. Me encanta la serie, es espectacular. Estoy deseando poder ver el especial de Navidad que aún no ha llegado a mi país y estoy ansiosa por ver la tercer temporada.
Te felicito por tu actuación.
Saludos cariñosos desde Buenos Aires.

Women of Downton say GO

Its a shame that this merchandise seems to be pushing young men to go off to war, and these days that means Afghanistan and Iraq. The new series is excellent for showing the horrors of war. I'll be wearing a white poppy this coming Remembrance Day.
Ellen Teague, London

He's not playing the vampire is he?

More like the Doctor that goes after them? And what is with him and vampires! ;-)

Vamps movie

photograph of Dan with a mass of blonde hair. Wow. Great. Suits him. Can't wait for movie release

Dan Stevens


Which project are you most looking forward to?:

Dan for sale...

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