Constellations opening night & Art and Artists performance on 21st Jan

Constellations opening night & Art and Artists performance on 21st Jan

Photos of Dan attending the recent opening night for Constellations on Broadway have been shared on Getty Images.


According to this website, Dan will be performing on January 21st at the Peter Sharp Theatre in New York.

Art and Artists

Parker Posey, Dan Stevens, Heather Burns, Denis O'Hare, and Rita Wolf perform funny, passionate, and surprising tales about art and those who make it. The unique and eclectic mix of readings includes colorful excerpts from the new edition of The Diaries of Andy Warhol; a coming- of- age story by William Boyd (from the new Everyman's Pocket Classics collection Stories of Art and Artists); a first-person fictional account by a Downtown minimalist artist wrestling with her work; Sheila Heti's vibrant tale of a mermaid in a jar; new, commissioned flash fiction by Helen Phillips and Dolan Morgan, written in response to Ed Ruscha's text-based painting currently on view at the High Line; and special guests Maria Popova from and artist and filmmaker Laurie Simmons, (The Love Doll; Walking, Talking, Lying; and the upcoming Jewish Museum exhibition How We See) shares her artwork inspired by Heti's story.

Hosted by Matthew Love. This event sponsored in part by BOMB MAGAZINE.

Another new interview with Dan has been shared on You Tube.

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