Corinthia Artist in Residency judge

Corinthia Artist in Residency judge

There is a photo of Dan on This Is London website, attending the Corinthia Hotel in London to announce the Corinthia Artist in Residency prize. Dan is a member of the judging panel - read full details on the website.

There is an article on The Guardian website about the success of Downton Abbey currently being broadcast on Masterpiece.

Hit ITV1 drama Downton Abbey has proved a minor sensation in the US, more than doubling the average audience for its stateside broadcaster, PBS. The first episode of the second series of the Julian Fellowes drama was watched by 4.2 million viewers when it aired in the US on Sunday night. Critics lapped up the new show, with the New York Daily News declaring it a "soap of the highest order".

The audience may lack the huge numbers that tune in to series such as House or Grey's Anatomy – which air on US network giants Fox and ABC respectively – but for public service broadcaster PBS, an audience in excess of 4 million classifies as a breakout hit.

The Masterpiece website has a page now dedicated to Matthew Crawley with photos and video interviews with Dan. You can even vote for his 'likeability'.  

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