Corinthia London Artist in Residence 2013-2014

Corinthia London Artist in Residence 2013-2014

The Evening Standard has an article about the launch of this year's Artist in Residence competition, with Dan named as one of the judges.

The Corinthia hotel in Northumberland Avenue is launching its third call for an artist-in-residence, this time with the spotlight on British film-making talent. This year’s theme is “The Power of Sleep” and winners will live at the hotel for a month and be given a £15,000 budget to make a short film. Judges include actor Dan Stevens, culture minister Ed Vaizey, Bafta CEO Amanda Berry and British Film Institute director Amanda Nevill.

PBS have shared this video (for US residents only) of the creators discussing the departure of Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey.


The fact that Julian Ovenden is casted as Mary's new love

tells me that Julian Fellowes has LOST HIS MIND that people will still want to continue watching Downton Abbey, Series 4!

Julian Ovenden is HOT!!!

Loved Dan but I do think Julian Ovenden is a worthy replacement...if that is what JF intends of course!

Anything new? answer for UK readers

Liz Trubridge, executive producer: The younger actors sometimes get offiers they can't refuse, we really understood that.

Julian Fellowes, writer/creator: We had no desire to lose Matthew ... He has one picture coming out now, he's got three in production. Does this sound like a bad decision? I don't think so.

Gareth Neame, executive producer: It's a great opportunity to take stories in a new direction.

Thank you

Doesn't sound too bad!
Thanks for letting us know....

Re Corinthian....

I am always pleased to hear of Dan's involvement in theatre and literary related events, he seems to get involved with many such projects. Much appreciated!
It is also good to know that he is still very involved with what is going on here in the UK whilst enjoying his time in NYC.

Do they say anything new?

As we are unable to view this video in the UK, I just wondered whether the creators had anything new to say about Matthew's departure, or whether it is just a re-run of the original explanation!
Perhaps a viewer from the USA could enlighten us! Many thanks.

I hope that it doesn't initiate another lot of 'finger pointing' and suggested blame, I had hoped that we had all got past that by now.

Nothing new in the PBS video….

Just some charming clips and splices of Dan as Matthew Crawley, and the quotes that have been mentioned above. It's a very short feature meant to whet the appetites of the PBS crowd for season 4.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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