Criminal Activities: first photos from the set

Criminal Activities: first photos from the set

Photos of Dan on the set of Criminal Activities have been shared by here and here. More photos have been shared on Twitter.





And could kill for an autographed picture with or without the curls...go DAN!

Wonderful actor with such a

Wonderful actor with such a lovely voice!!! Dan Stevens is so talented and I wish him such good luck!!!

Looking good!

I am fascinated as to how Dan is able to change his looks to adapt to different characters, with what appears to be a relaxed, at ease, approach. It matches his amazing ability to adapt his voice so well, to the incredible range of characters he 'reads' in his audiobooks. There has been less 'voice adaption' on screen, certainly Welsh & German accents were strong in "Summer In February", & "Nemesis" and he did speak German, very well, in "Hilde". We have heard a few snippets of his American accents in the trailer for "A Walk Among The Tombstones", and clips from "The Heiress".
One thing Dan certainly isn't, is dull and predictable!

Looking Good....

Reminiscent of "Line of Beauty' .... and still looks as young.

Dan Stevens


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