Criminal Activities: first trailer & release details

Criminal Activities: first trailer & release details

The first trailer for Criminal Activities has been shared on EW, along with some details of the US release. 

Criminal Activities will be released in theaters, on VOD, and via iTunes on Nov. 20.


new film

Looks good. Hope not on limited release. Only 2 cinemas in county showed Summer in February!

Another look

Great to see Dan spreading his wings & stretching his acting role-type again.
Looking forward to the UK release, whenever that is!

Criminal Activities

Wow it sure looks like a tough movie Dan. Again a different look. Love it, but hardly recognised you!! Ar last we have some news of you. Keep it up, and look forward to viewing movie when released. Love the hair too. Its another tough and rough shoot, not aimed at little women like me, but I shall see it. Trust me

Dan Stevens


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