Criminal Activities: new film stills and behind the scenes photos

Criminal Activities: new film stills and behind the scenes photos

New stills from Criminal Activities, released in theaters, on VOD, and on iTunes last week in the US, have been shared by There are two of Dan as Noah.

Some more photos from the film have been shared on this website, and include some of Dan. 

Dan Stevens to me is like a revelation in this movie, in the sense that here you’ve got a guy that’s the suave, debonair, good-looking guy from “Downton Abbey,” and he has a real menacing force and depth, and those two parts speak of diversity. But then, when you throw in this Noah character, who is basically a nerd. Dan, his diversity as an actor, this just speaks huge volumes to that because he really owns playing this nerdy guy. The look we were able to get with the perm and everything was just… I’m real proud of him. I know as an actor personally, when you’re able to not kind of get typecast in one sort of thing, because in the movie, he’s just very diverse. He’s believable in all these different types of roles he’s been playing.

Jackie Earle Haley on directing Dan Stevens, and Dan’s range as an actor. Coming


Stark wie nie zuvor

"Vor allem Dan Stevens, der in der Serie „Dowton Abbey“ den zum Großgrundbesitzer avancierten Protagonisten Matthew Crawley verkörpert, ist hier in einer ganz anderen Rolle auf der Leinwand zu sehen - und dabei stark wie nie zuvor." Focus Online zu „Criminal Activities“

nerdy look

This is nerdy? Wow! There is hope, guys! Great comments from directoras well.

Dan Stevens


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