Dan chats to Collider about Summer In February, Night At The Museum 3, The Cobbler...

Dan chats to Collider about Summer In February, Night At The Museum 3, The Cobbler...

In a new interview for Collider, Dan chats about Downton Abbey, Summer In February, The Cobbler (which he just finished filming) and The Tomorrow People. Read it all on Collider.

Collider: When your old teacher wrote this novel and become something of a local celebrity when it came out, could you ever have imagined that you’d be here, all these years later, promoting the film’s release?

DAN STEVENS: No, not at all. It’s been such an amazing emotional journey, apart from anything else. I first read this when I was 15. As you said, there was a bit of a buzz around it, when it was published. That happens when a teacher at a school publishes a book. Everyone likes to make a little fuss about it, albeit on a small scale. Everybody I knew that read the book, at the time, said, “This would make a great movie.” But, I was 15 and didn’t really think “I’m gonna produce this movie, one day.” That’s not what was on my mind. Jonathan [Smith] had directed me in a lot of school plays, and he used to joke about, “Well, if my work ever gets made into a movie, you should play Gilbert. Ha ha ha!” And I would brush it off and not think anything of it. And then, about seven or eight years later, he introduced me to this guy, Jeremy Cowdrey, who’s one of the other producers on the movie, and he was very, very passionate about the book also, and wanted to turn it into a movie. At the time, I was just starting out as an actor, and certainly was in no position to be producing a movie. But, we worked on the script and the story, and we developed it for about seven or eight years. And then, my career started to evolve and take off, a little bit, and it looked like it might be viable to actually make this thing. And so, about two years ago, we kicked into action, and the result is what you see. But, I’ve been with the story and haunted by the character of Florence for pretty much half my life. I haven’t been developing it that long, but it feels like it’s been with me a long time. It’s a passion project.

Dan fans may get a little surprise towards the end of this Funny or Die video...



I am quite in love with this intelligent, talented and yes, handsome young gentleman, forget that I am old enough to be his Granny, I love the manner in which he handles himself in interviews with courtesy and thoughtful responses, he is always worth hearing. That he gives so much credit to past and present mentors is so refreshing. I am sure that any of those mentors have to be proud of the person he is. And...he seems to have the gift of knowing who and what he is, yet coupled with a genuine modesty and grace. I hope to be front and center for all his endeavors, film, television, audio books....can't wait to see "Summer in February", it looks lovely.

It is a testament to Dan's talent & ....

In reply to your comment:- "Might as well admit it"

It is a testament to Dan's talent & demeanour that he appeals right across the generations.

I share your 'senior years' and have seen and enjoyed the work of many accomplished actors, but Dan does have something rather special about him!

I hope that time allows me to see him explore all avenues possible in his dramatic and literary ventures, whilst maintaining the balanced life that he seeks in which his family play such an important part.

"Summer In February" is a really beautiful, moving film so I do hope that you get to see it soon.

Truly appreciated this interview - a bit of everything!

Things are looking up for this wonderful, talented fellow. Can't wait for everyone to get the chance to see him. How lovely to see him in a comedy…. but I really want to see 'The Cobbler' and 'Swallows and Amazons', too.

Fabulous Interview

What a great interview.

It is obvious from the transcript that Dan Stevens was totally relaxed.

Thank you very much for putting this up.

Interesting to read that apart from the Night at the Museum no.3 his film work is wrapped up.

Maybe finally, Swallows and Amazons will see him undertaking another role, his children will be able to watch.

Thank you for these latest links...

Much appreciated!

Dan Stevens


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