Dan Stevens in Brooklyn - New Yorker interview

Dan Stevens in Brooklyn - New Yorker interview

The New Yorker has shared a new interview with Dan, along with a great new photo. 

Stevens’s Brooklyn life consists mostly of being a dad, he said: taking his daughter, who is almost five, and son, who is two, to the Botanic Garden or to the Brooklyn Museum. “And getting my head around the New York school system has been a bit of a baptism of fire: it’s quite intense,” he added. “The way people talk about kindergarten—it’s sort of the way people talk about universities back home. It seems to carry the same weight and importance, which is slightly terrifying.”

He’s crossed paths with Martin Amis, another expat of relatively recent vintage, who lives in neighboring Cobble Hill. “I bumped into him once, and I stupidly asked him the question which every Brit who’s moved to New York gets asked, which is ‘How are you enjoying New York?’ ” Stevens said. “He looked at me like I’d just pissed in his wine and said, ‘It’s funny—I’ve never been asked that before.’ I was like, Thanks, Martin!”


Please put on a few pounds

Dan, you are, without a doubt, a great looking guy. But you've gotten so thin for some of your roles. I personally like a little "meatier" Dan with whom we all fell in love at DOWNTON. Could you add about 20 pounds?

Happy Birthday to the remarkable Dan Stevens

With best wishes for a very Happy Birthday & a BIG thank you for such an exciting year!


It's almost Oct 10 where I am (US- Pacific Standard Time) so I am shouting my best wishes to you across the miles - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! Wishing you all the best!

Dan Stevens


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