Dan in talks for 'A Walk Among the Tombstones'

Hot on the heels of the Mr Darcy rumours comes some news reported by Variety.

"Downton Abbey" actor Dan Stevens is looking to go from high society England to the lawless streets of New York as he is in talks to co-star with Liam Neeson in the Scott Frank pic "A Walk Among the Tombstones."

Frank adapted the script based on the Lawrence Block tome and will also direct. Story follows an ex-NYPD officer, played by Neeson, who is now serving as a private investigator who is hired to find the kidnapped wife of a drug dealer. He soon finds out the perpetrators have done this before, resulting in several murders.

It is unknown what part Stevens would be playing. He is currently shooting the DreamWorks pic "The Fifth Estate" with Benedict Cumberbatch before starting production on "A Walk Among the Tombstones" next month.


Dan as Mr. Darcy

I made the error of referring to the P.D.James "Death comes to Pemberley" as a remake of P and P. which is incorrect. I understand from comments that it is an extension of P.and P. Whatever, I would hope that Dan would avoid this casting like the plague. Dont even think of it Dan. It would not be a good career move. This is also a correction to a comment made by me back in February re. a "remake" of P.and P. ( apologies.) Good luck, though, with whatever decisions you make. They will be right for you!!

You are a selfish jerk

You've ruined Downton Abbey for millions of followers. How could you be so self-centered?
I hope this comes back to bite your career.

selfish or stupid? or just limited?

Steven's character made perhaps the most believable changes--Fellows' doing, not his--, adopting a belief in the importance of continuing Downton without compromising his middle class values. He ends, admittedly, on a fairly sappy note of idealizing lady Mary whose character has gone through many more changes rather incredibly. There was surely room for much more development of his character. He wasn't getting type cast. It seems like giving up a great opportunity to explore maturing relationships.

  No need to delete this as


No need to delete this as you all so eloquently 'weighed' in with the perfect responses! 


I am appalled at this juvenile name calling and malevolence Clearly there are people who have so little in their own lives that they feel that they must lambast others whose lives are so much more fulfilling!

For goodness sake, Dan played a character in a series. In REAL LIFE he is someone's son, husband and father. How would you feel if someone insulted a member of your family in this way?

Re: "You are a selfish..."

Shame on you! There is no need to be so rude to someone, however upset you may be feeling.

Understand the facts behind the decisions! Dan Stevens & Jessica Brown Findlay, like many in the original cast were contracted for 3 seasons. Both gave notice before S3 filming began that they would not be extending their contracts beyond this. Even those who wished to continue were not certain that Series 4 and possibly 5 would be commissioned, and several had to either postpone or cancel their other projects/appearances in order to accomodate the filming of S4 when it was finally confirmed. Perhaps you would consider it 'fair' or 'unselfish' for all the cast to put their careers on hold whilst the decisions about the future of Downton Abbey are debated!

I am very sad that Downton Abbey has lost two very significant and dearly loved characters, but I wish Dan and Jessica well for their futures.

You're an anonymous jerk!

You can't fault the guy for not wanting to become pigeonholed in his career. The show needed something to jolt us since Season 3 was a bit disappointing.

Don't agree ...

While I would love Julian Fellowes to pull a page out of an old Dalla's series script for my own selfish reasons, it's unlikely Dan will be singing in a shower when Season 4 premieres next year. However, when looking at the bigger picture, Dan leaving the show was a smart thing to do for himself, the show and his fans. Now looking forward to seeing him in other productions as well.

More Death Comes to Pemberley

I agree the murder mystery is lightweight, but if adapted by a talented screenplay writer - someone like Andrew Davies, who was responsible for the Colin Firth version and Sense & Sensibility in which Dan played Edward Ferrars - Dan might be interested. Otherwise, I suspect he will turn it down. We shall have to wait and see.

Death comes to Pemberley

I think there is some confusion. I totally agree that Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle's playing Darcy & Eliabeth eclipses all others. However, this is not another remake of Pride & Predjudice, but a murder mystery follow up, set some six years after the marriage of Darcy & Elizabeth, written by P.D. James, who has received numerous awards for crime writing in Britain, America and Continental countries.

Death comes to Pemberley

No, no confusion, as they are the same characters as the Austen novel, and these characters have simply moved on in time they are still immortalised in the consciousness of most as Colin Firth's Mr Darcy. The book is dreadful, I love PD James, her Dalgleish novels are brilliant, but there is no wit, banter or progression of character, simply a rehash of their courtship and a rather flimsy mystery, or no mystery at all.

Mr. Darcy Role

I agree. Death comes to Pemberley iss the most boring book I have ever read. Dan will be better of doing Mr. Darcy if they decided to remake the original Pride & Prejudice. He will be great, just like the remake of Sense and Sensibilities.

I just wish they cast him in the Great Gatsby instead of Leonardo di Caprio.

Re "Death comes to Pemberley"

I really would like to see Dan playing Darcy in this, and hope that it is just not another silly-season press rumour! I shall miss his playing Matthew in Downton Abbey, very much indeed, and although I wish he could/would have stayed a little bit longer, I can understand his decision and need to take other 'roads'.
Certainly being tied to the production of one project, if, as last year, it took as many weeks to do between February & August, would be very difficult to manage, especially with projects in the USA. It was apparent that even until quite recently Series 4 was not even a definite commission. Both Hugh Bonneville & Elizabeth McGovern had other planned projects that have had to be postponed or withdrawn from. ("The Monument Men" film for HB, and appearances by Sadie & The Hotheads for EMcG).
So, sad as it is, I can still look forward to seeing Dan in the forthcoming release of his films "Summer In February", "The Fifth Estate", maybe "To Walk Among The Tombstones" if he gets the part, and hopefully more audio drama (books or radio) and writing! Needless to say, to see Dan in a stage play back here in the UK would be an added bonus.
Sounds like he's going to have another busy year!


I think Dan would make a killer James Bond!

absolutely right!!!

absolutely right!!!

007 and a half

Was thinking the same thing even before I saw this post. I think it's going to happen.

Dan Stevens as Bond

Me too! Daniel Craig, time to move on.

i agree!!!

i agree!!!


I think Dan would make a killer James Bond!


I agree I hope he becomes Him one day a Suit always looks good on him.


Nope, no can do! The current incumbent doing a great job; he has transformed the character from the smooth womanising Brosnan into a much tougher and single minded Bond. However, I think Dan would have been great in something like Oceans Eleven with Clooney et al, a bit of humour and cheekiness, or how about more Shakespeare, he did start his career with the Bard, then we'd have him back on the London stage.


Never mind London , what about Stratford on Avon?

On London stage

I would love and do hope, to see Dan on the London stage in the not too distant future.

Also, I am so pleased to see that he was "made eligible for a featured actor nomination" for the Tony Awards for the Broadway revival of “The Heiress,”

Mr. Darcy?

I'd love to see Dan as Mr. Darcy....but...I mean ....Isn't that a "period piece?" I thought he was going to avoid them after Downton Abbey...?

Would also love to see him starring opposite Liam Neeson.

Dan as James Bond. and Dan as Mr. Darcy.

In a few years time and when Daniel Craig bows out of playing 007 Dan would be ideal for 007 but Mr. Darcy, Don't Dan. Remakes never improve on the original and P and P with Colin Firth and J Eyle is/was unbeatable!! P. Giles

Dan Stevens


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