Downton Abbey 2012 awards nominations

Downton Abbey 2012 awards nominations

The cast of Downton Abbey have been nominated several times in the SAG awards just announced, including the entire cast in Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series category. Full details can be found on the Screen Actors Guild website. 

The Golden Globes are also being announced and already Downton Abbey has been nominated in the best TV show category. 

This photo from shows the Downton Abbey cast visiting The Heiress in New York on Tuesday. 


Jolt of happiness on the men side

I do not know if I am right or wrong but I read their facial expressions as:

there is a jolt of happiness sparkLing in their eyes: Dan's for an explosive release from "fear of rejection" as he has already made some emotional bonds with his fellow co workers for the past 3 years that their reaction to his decision matters, Hugh's and Jim 's for tasting " the sweatness of forgiveness" and coming together again, Elizabeth's and Joan's for " we are happy that we have come together again here and made it this way but we can not conceal the anxiety from what a down fall could have been brought to us when the Christmas especial airs by Dan's decision to leave us, Rob's and Sophies' for "we are still optimistic and open".

Dan did not show up at Ralph Lauren's Downton gathering to be with this cast and crew the night before but instead this cast and crew raised above to make such a wonderful event by going and watch him at The Hiress.

Astute observations, dear fellow

Wholly agree with you observations. Only things I'd add are for Sophia, her look seems also to be one of unabashed adoration, "thou can do no wrong, Dan Stevens" as well as glaring professional naivete, "I'm just so happy to be standing here". As with Rob's eyes, you get this sense that neither of them are quite suffiiently well-versed enough with the nuances of "the Hollywood machine" to fully comprehend the various undercurrents at play. A loaded photograph in many ways.

thank you, you completed what

thank you, you completed what was left unrealized for me.

Thou can do no wrong, Dan

Thou can do no wrong, Dan Stevens" as well as glaring professional naivete, "I'm just so happy to be standing here.paper writing service

Well done & good luck

So pleased to hear this. Good luck! You are definitely winners in my book! Well done!

Dan Stevens


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