Downton Abbey 3: feature and interviews in The Sun

Downton Abbey 3: feature and interviews in The Sun

Today's TV magazine for The Sun carries a large feature on series 3 of Downton Abbey, along with cast interviews. Thanks to Lorna, scans are in the galleries.

And to get pulses racing from the off, there is a very steamy smooch between the pair in episode one. Bearing in mind how restrained Matthew and Lady Mary have been in the past, was it meant to be as sexy as it looks on screen?

“I don’t know,” says Dan, looking at Michelle, 30. “Were you thinking sexy thoughts?” There’s an enigmatic smile from his co-star. Certainly the on-screen chemistry between the pair is even more tangible than before.

“We did get asked a lot: ‘When are you going to get together?’” says Michelle. “But some people didn’t want Matthew and Mary to do that,” says Dan, 29. “Downton’s one of those shows that divides people. Some people love O’Brien [Siobhan Finneran’s dastardly lady’s maid], some hate her. And some people love Mary and some don’t.”


To All Dan & Downton Fans

Do read to-days Sunday Times Magazine article by Lynn Barber - "The Ascent of Dan", but more pertinently Dan's own 'Hot Desking' article in The Sunday Telegraph Seven Magazine, in which he warns us all to be sceptical about what we read in the press, as one tabloid journalist confessed to him that "It doesn't matter what is actually said, we can take it all wildly out of context anyway"; and "if no one's said anything newsworthy, well, we just make it up"!!!

The international success of Downton has given all the young actors what Dan calls "a leg-up within the industry". It seems that offers are flooding in for them, which makes one suspect that the likelihood of a series 4 may well depend on whether the producers can manage to synchronize their busy workloads , or now afford them given their new found fame.

Finally, a big thank you to this excellent website - long may it continue. V.W.

Thank you for the heads up!!

Thank you for the heads up!! And also the kind words. It is true, very few interviews in the press are actually word for word transcripts, sadly. I can think of only one journalist, who writes for The Scotsman, whose interviews are always totally honest and without bias. So rare. K x

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