Downton Abbey 3: interview and Telegraph column

Downton Abbey 3: interview and Telegraph column

Ahead of tonight's broadcast of Downton Abbey series 3 in the US, have shared an interview with Dan on their website along with this photo.

You’re currently starring on Broadway as well, in The Heiress. What do you enjoy about doing period dramas?

Aside from the fun costumes and beautiful settings, it’s a chance to explore where we’ve come from and how much or how little we’ve changed.

Dan's monthly column for The Telegraph is now available to read online. 


Mr. Stevens

Please do not ruin a wonderful show for millions of people. If there is any way to come back on season four of Downton Abbey, please consider it. At least for a few more shows. The Downton Abbey Facebook page is full of die-hard fans who cannot believe the season three finale. The show will truly be ruined if you allow it to continue on without it. The basis of the show was your character and Mary falling in love. How can you allow the show to be ruined? Please reconsider.
Sincerely on behalf of thousands of fans, Thank you.

Death of Mr. Crawley

Hi Mr. Stevens,

In America, we finally saw the "death" of Mr. Crawley on Itune and are devastated to see Mr. Crawley dead, after he met his newborn son. Is "his death" a done deal? Could Mr. Crawley still wake up and join the cast as if, he had a horrible concussion and was almost dead but eventually recovered without any sequelae.
Life is unfair and unfortunate and we look at art, as a respite from the cruelty, unfairness of life..

Please do the viewers a favour..Please do not worry about your so called "cerebral friends" who chided Mr. Crawley for being able to walk after he was paralysed. Those friends do not have enough medical background. Please take it from a real physician..
I am a physician and we see this kind of cerebral and spinal contusions improving.. and here I call "art mimicking real medicine".

So profound with a deep knowledge of human nature in all aspects

Fellowes mockingly wrote that some actors (they play a large role in the plot of Snobs) “slake this sense of growing emptiness by the discovery of a ‘cause’ and try to put their need for daily trouble and strife to some use. Nothing is easier than to raise a crowd of furiously indignant actors who will happily protest at almost anything. But causes are a taste not shared by all, certainly not much by the pragmatic.”

Telegraph column

It is always a joy to read Dan's monthly column. I had to look up a few words in the dictionary but it is a beautifully written piece as ever!

monthly column


I also enjoy reading your column. I'm very relieved to learn that native speakers have to look up words too, as can be read in the comment below. Your thougths are interesting and extremely well written - ein Philosoph auch der alltäglichen Dinge. I'm looking forward to reading more columns. (Liked your ideas about the hammock as well).

I've recently seen your interview about "Hilde" - you did a great job in German. You're obviously not only Germanophil but also Germanophon - my compliments, your German is excellent. I haven't seen the movie "Hilde" yet, but will soon. Both your interview and "Hilde Knef" have made me curious.

Congratulations on your performance on Broadway: "The Heiress" seems to be such a success. I followed the reviews - too bad I can't see you on stage at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Wish you all the best - continue writing these inspiring (and) inspired columns.

Karin, Germany

The Heiress

I can only agree to the comment above. One of the reasons why I like Dan Stevens are his columns as well as listening to his voice - absolutely stunning! As a native German I was deeply impressed by his his performance in "Hilde".
Yesterday evening I fortunately had the opportunity to join "The Heiress" on Broadway. Sitting first row,right in front of the stage it was amazing and very entertaining to follow the play of such great actors like Jessica Chastain,Dan Stevens and Judith Ivey! An unforgettable experience for me to see that even actors are made out of flesh and bones. Dan made an excellent job - as far as I am capable to say! Thank you for this wonderful evening! I also really liked him as Matthew Crawley but there will be so many other roles coming up for him and I am pretty sure he will be as good,charming,eloquent and catching as ever in anything he will be doing in the future. Eventually I am looking forward to seeing more of him!

Thank you Dan!

Madeleine, Germany


The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity.


Really? I would have thought that true creativity is not allowing a comfort zone to develop, to challenge yourself to find new things in the familiar - isn't that true creativity?


In a word.


Such a cogent argument!

Dan Stevens


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