Downton Abbey 3: introducing series 3

Downton Abbey 3: introducing series 3

The ITV Downton Abbey website has uploaded some video interviews with the cast including Dan, to introduce the new series. 

The BBC have another video interview with Dan on their website. 

Stevens drops some heavy hints there are still "thrills and spills" to come. "As anybody who's married knows, it's not all plain sailing after the wedding either," he says.



of the long awaited series 3 of this marvelous series. How will we in the States, the world's most impatient people, to manage waiting till January?? The brilliant cast may be thrilled with the response over here, but not nearly as thrilled as those of us who love it are to welcome and enjoy it. Dan Stevens is a lovely, lovely young man, both a gifted actor and a fine, fine writer. I have no doubt he will make a notable mark on Broadway this fall in "The Heiress", and in all his future endeavors as well. I will be watching with pleasure, and "great expectations"!
from the USA

Behind the Scenes Downton Abbey 12th September 2012 ITV3

Tonight - ITV3 8.00pm Behind the Scenes Downton Abbey narrated by Hugh Bonneville.
Got to be a MUST to watch.

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