Downton Abbey 3: LA Times interview

Downton Abbey 3: LA Times interview

An interview with Dan, from before the news of the fate of Matthew Crawley was known, has been shared on the LA Times website. Read it in full on the LA Times website.

...But back in July, while the show was shooting Season 3, I visited Highclere Castle, the mansion that serves as the Crawley home, for this Calendar feature. Stevens admitted that he was tired -- his wife had just given birth to their second child, he was busy reading books as a judge for the Man Booker Prize and he was planning his family’s move to New York, where he’d have to find a nursery school for his older daughter as well as making his Broadway premiere.

On the set, he was in constant demand. As Season 3 opens, his character is preparing to wed Lady Mary. And as the fortunes of the aristocrats spiral downward, Matthew is bringing his earnest practicality to the rescue -- and of course, his once-again-able body.

Stevens was central to almost every scene that shooting day, switching from a tweedy daytime suit to chic dinner suit. But when he wasn’t changing his clothes or taking a nap, Stevens was trapped inside the castle, windows blackened.



in season 4 the first shot is Mathews face with blood dripping down, like season 3. Except he blinks! He lives!!! But he's broken his back. This will be the first time in history that a character has broken his back twice. Or at least thought he'd broken his back. Who knows? Maybe it's just bruised again!!!!

Excellent Actor

THIS is what a BRILLIANT actor does! An adept actor reads the script and breathes life into the role. I love what Dan Stevens did with the character of Matthew Crawley. He could've left him a two-dimensional character with no direction. Instead, we were privileged to enjoy an actor who cares about his craft. The end of season 3 caused much heartburn among my friends. We all had a laundry list of characters who could die with little to no impact to the show. Filler cast... We lost lump crab meat...not bread crumbs. VERY SAD...

I have no idea how Stevens managed his personal life and professional duties. I get a headache thinking of it. I'm sure he'll be quite successful in whatever he does b/c he applies 100% of himself. Congratulations! I look forward to reading the Junket.

Sucker Punched

Sucker punched! I didn’t want to see this ending. A beloved character is no longer apart of a story that I grew to love. Loss of trust from the writer to the audience. It is what is! I understand Dan’s wanting to pursue other interests because he is so talented and not your typical actor. He can write, read, sing, and act. What I will miss is seeing him at least on a regular basis in Downton Abbey. I can check his fan page which is wonderful but it the regularly scheduled shows that I will miss seeing him. His fans can not get enough of him. His Twitter account use to alleviate some of the pain of not seeing him regularly, but now he rarely tweets. Dan, please don’t take that real contact with your fans from us also. Keep twittering ! I look forward to seeing your expressions of your talents in the future no matter what it is! You made the right decision and as a devoted fan I wish you the best!


Keep Twittering...!!!!!!??????

After what happened at Christmastime, do you blame him? Twitter went viral and into melt-down. Why on earth would he set himself up for more of the same?

Anyway, it appears that he is very busy now that The Heiress has concluded with filming his part in The Fifth Estate which is to be shot in Belgium [ he told fans gathered at the Stage Door that this was where his next project would be shot] and then back to New York for the Liam Neeson film which begins production in March.

His tweets may not be as frequent now as his time will be very pressured and probably just reduced to the occasional "tweet as you would be twoten to."

My hope is that he will still manage to do his column with the Telegraph and continue to edit The Junket.


I am not aware of twitter going viral! He sang with M. Dockery I think it was season 3 unless they dubbed his voice which sounded clear and on perfect pitch! He is so talented!


He can sing?

Great Interview

Thank you for putting up this Interview. I am impressed. It was great and gave us an insight into the pressure that Dan was under last year at the end of the series.... an interesting point that Julian Fellowes spent more time in LA than in the UK during series 3 which explains some of the poor writng. It must have been quite frustrating for the actors such as Dan not being able to discuss certain scenes with him. and make suggestions.

Thank you very much for putting up this interview. I appreciate it.

I read this....impressed and touched

I read this interview and was both impressed and touched by his replies. He obviously had a great deal to cope with last year, and with that in mind, I can only be pleased that he seems to have managed to get through it all, and still be pleasant, civil and affable to all those he met, whether they be media or fans.
Well done Dan, I hope that this year will a good one for you, rewarding in every way possible, and especially in happiness.
I thank you Dan, for doing a good job in playing the role of Matthew, (not always easy) and I wish you well for all your future projects.
I also want to acknowledge the fact that the LA Times acted responsibly, and with what appears to be consideration to Dan and Downton Abbey, in not publishing this article until now when they could have caused quite a stir had they released it at the time.

Dan Stevens


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