Downton Abbey 3: onset interview with Dan for ITN

The ITN News website has a video interview with Dan about filming series 3.

Shirley MacLaine has been creating a storm on the Dowton Abbey set during filming of the latest series.

The veteran Hollywood actress is the latest exciting addition to the cast of the show which has been a hit in the UK and USA. The 78-year-old has already said she "hates" wearing the extravagant twenties outfits.

Actor Dan Stevens has said the star is "bonkers but delightful" and that "spending two weeks with MacLaine should be a series in itself."

The Television Critics Association awards were announced on Saturday night. The nation’s TV critics gave Downton Abbey the award for Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials.


Dan's Interview Back

I got it all wrong - Dan's interview is back on ITN News website - it is worth a look.


I agree with the other comments .....Dan was just being truthful. Shirley MacLaine is bonkers, but not in a bad sense...I am sure he meant it as a "she's funny and weird at the same time" kind of meaning. I don't think there's anything wrong with what he said. After all, she has to have at least as much spunk as Maggie Smith to be a match for her. In the end, only Dan knows what he meant and he's not a mean guy.

Dan's gentle humour

Just caught Dan's interview re Shirley MacLaine, can't imagine anyone taking any offense at something so totally inoffensive. Especially, Shirley herself who can be brutally outspoken. Dan was, as always, a gentleman. With a twinkle in his eye! Wonder what she said that he won't repeat....

Dan being delightfully truthful

Do hope that Dan hasn't been given a rap over the knuckles for saying that Shirley MacLaine was bonkers but delightful, cos his amusing interview has been removed from the ITN News website. But I am relieved and thrilled to note that it is likely that Dan, Michelle and Iain Glen will be in a fourth series. Fireworks, drama and intrigue to continue - great.

Dan's accurate!

"Bonkers but delightful...." couldn't be a more apt description of Shirley MacLaine! As an American, I have observed her long, successful career and she's always fun to watch. (But a bit off the rails, which is part of her "charm"....a quirk shared with many in the acting field)
Keeping my fingers crossed that Dan will indeed be back for series 4. It will help buy those "nappies", Dan!!

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