Downton Abbey 3: PBS Masterpiece live panel discussion 12th December.

Downton Abbey Season 3 premieres on MASTERPIECE on PBS on Jan. 6, 2013. In anticipation of that event, PBS and MASTERPIECE are bringing you a live panel and discussion with Downton Abbey cast and crew, for US fans only.

The livestreamed panel will be moderated by MASTERPIECE executive producer Rebecca Eaton and feature the following:

Hugh Bonneville ... Lord Crawley
Jim Carter ... Mr. Carson
Rob James-Collier ... Thomas Barrow
Brendan Coyle ... John Bates
Joanne Froggatt ... Anna Bates
Gareth Neame, executive producer, "Downton Abbey"
Elizabeth McGovern ... Lady Cora
Sophie McShera ... Daisy Mason

The Christmas Special in the UK will now broadcast at 8.45pm on 25th December on ITV1


I agree with the preceding

I agree with the preceding comments. At present Dan appears to be the only member of the cast to openly criticize the writing of Fellowes and the lack of a full series script rather than the two episodes they currently work with which in his opinion leads to a 'mean average performance'. This sort of comment is hardly likely to endear him to the scriptwriters of other long running series, plus his interviews regarding his judging of the Booker prize may be ironic but show his apparent lack of commitment to the series and fellow actors. Dan may be highly intelligent and articulate but seems to be lacking in common sense.

Dan Think Carefully

As a dedicated follower of Dan's career, I am increasingly concerned that he will in fact desert Downton - largely, I suspect, because he is bored with playing Matthew Crawley - he has hinted at it several times.
With all his well documented projects this year, which, one suspects, stretched him to breaking point and has culminated in his current success in The Heiress., he may well feel in need of a rest and a change. Possibly to write that novel he talks about.
However, he has proved that Downton does give him time for other projects. I do wonder if he has considered the flak from fans, fellow actors and producers, who seem more protective of and committed to Downton, which has brought them all international fame, than he will display by leaving and letting the side down.
I was delighted to detect in his perceptive Telegraph article, a realisation and rejection of the all pervading commercialism which infects America and , one suspects, his American P.R. team. I do hope his 'great American adventure' doesn't turn sour. His image is currently in danger.

Dan Stevens leaving Downton

I agree that it is looking increasingly likely that Dan Stevens will desert Downton Abbey. Something really doesn't add-up here. For such – on the surface – an intelligent and well educated young man, to make such a dumb decision, simply doesn't square. This decision cannot be made with regard to his career as first prerogative. To walk out on an international hit show, when you are one of the principal characters, is nothing short of madness. The younger members of the cast, especially Dan and Michelle Dockery, have been catapulted into international recognition because of Downton, nothing else. If he or she walk away, then they will have to prepare themselves for a backlash. There will definitely be one from the fans. Putting Oneself in the shoes of a Producer, could this man be trusted when considered for a series (Film/TV), because if gets bored with his character, he'll leave and drop us in the brown stuff. There may well be another, more personal reason for wanting to go. Whatever the motivating factor is for wanting to leave, whether that reason is, the unhealthy influence, of the stick with me kid and I'll make you a star PR shysters. Or the fact he gets bored easily etc... This young man hasn't thought through the consequences of walking out on a hit show and leaving them in the lurch. He is still a young man. Giving Downton at least one more season to allow the writers to tie up his character ending, in a cogent and believable way, would enhance his career and not harm it. I agree with you his image is in danger, it is self inflicted which is even more sad. I hope he comes to his senses in time!.

Au Contraire

Dan strikes me as a young (at heart), very savvy, highly ambitious, intelligent, shrewd, irreverent, devilish, "still a bit badly behaved", shake-things-up-a-bit sort of guy.

Yes, those are a LOT of adjectives to saddle with an actor I don't personally know, but I also don't think it takes a lot to intuit that from him, based on things he's says in taped interviews, and just really watching him. I also had the opportunity also to chat with him very very briefly after one of the Heiress nights, an experience that served to further cement this perception of him. I just think he's always had his eyes straight ahead, from as early as The Line of Beauty. That's not a role anyone but a very focused, shrewd and ambitious actor takes on (very glad he did, it's my favorite role of his to date and I'm female)

My point is basically that everything Dan does is very well-thought out and strategic. He seems to have that unwavering determination of a guy who believes very much in himself, what he is capable of and that he is meant for "bigger things". Whether we agree with that or not, or whether we think he should or not is not for us to say.

The man has a clear vision of what he wants to be doing with his life and hanging on to the strings of Downton until the proverbial fat lady sings is not only something that seems at odds with his personality, but would also, I think, not be a terribly smart career move. Having seen Season 3, I personally feel that now is exactly the perfect time for Dan to leave the show. Season 3 was a lukewarm season at best, definitely anti-climatic after the intensity of Season 2 and somewhat disappointing all around.

Dan is doing exactly what he wants to do: dabbling in any and everything that excites him: theater (in NY, a city with which he's always been infatuated), film (production and acting), nurturing his passion for writing, both as an editor-at-large for his online journal, while also penning the odd guest column for the Telegraph, not to mention indulging his ever so slightly narcissistic "young male star" side by reveling in the attention of fans, fashion designers, and lux (seemingly uncharacteristic but probably quite in character) photo spreads like the one in the upcoming Jan issue of Town and Country.

And why not? It's easy to forget that he is only 30. Just. For a young male actor just recently catapulted into stardom, he still is very young, despite being already married, with two young children. I think there's a very fine tension between the two extremes of Dan and the somewhat contradicting trajectories that will be interesting to watch unfold.

As Dan said in an older interview: he rebelled a lot in school and still feels like he has a lot of rebelling left in him to do. I have my own personal theories on how this remaining rebellious itch will play out, but for now, as Dan himself advised us: "Always expect the unexpected".

When it comes to enigmatic, mischievous Mr. Stevens, I wouldn't expect anything but.

I won't be surprised if this

I won't be surprised if this one was written by dan himself. if this is true then he has started to worship himself!!! if not then a misleading PR is doing so! there are many bogus comments and replies with such unrealistic exaggerations in description of him as if some sort of megalomania or god complex issues are growing! and god knows what are the real intentions of his freind Benedict in brain washing him. when some people are jealous, they start to spoil and ridicule what had been important to someone and had kept them growing. this way they make it seem too small so he/she would leave it and instead they will get the attention to themselves to share the benefit of what one had earned! lets see what the future will unfold.

I won't be surprised if this

I won't be surprised if this one was written by dan himself. he has started worship himself!!!

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