Downton Abbey: Big Issue interview & NY photos

Downton Abbey: Big Issue interview & NY photos

The Telegraph have posted the interview with Dan, which can be found in the current edition of the Big Issue.

Stevens also revealed his character's speedy recovery from his First World War injury was more realistic than many people believed. He said he suffered a similar injury when he played rugby but recovered just as quickly. “I know lots of people thought it was highly implausible. But I think for the sake of Downton and our story, we needed Matthew to be able to walk and function again. And it was thoroughly medically researched," he said.

“Actually, I had a similar experience myself – years ago I had a rugby accident when the scrum collapsed and I was left with a spinal injury that paralysed my left leg. “Then suddenly, after four weeks, the swelling went down and I was able to walk again. “Julian (Fellowes, the scriptwriter) didn’t know this at all, it’s really weird. So when we got the script and everyone said – but this is ridiculous, this could never happen … I said – well, actually guys, it sort of happened to me.”

The Thirteen WNET Facebook Page has uploaded lots of photos from last night's screening in New York at the Times Center. DowntOnline also have many more in HQ. 


Speaking of Romance

Dan, don't know where you get the idea that romance is dead. You, of all men in the world, should know that a woman, no matter how liberated she thinks she is, always needs love and romance in her life. That is why I find Julian Fellowes statement about growing up with strong women around him kind of tainted his view of women. Being strong doesn't make you less a woman. First of all, he makes Mary way too argumentative. She's strong, but in case you didn't notice it, when you (Matthew) and she were walking in the woods after she told you about her "secret" she'd been keeping from you, and you expected her to weather the storm alone, she confessed she wasn't that strong. She needed you to come along side her to fight the storm. She needed you to put your arms around her and comfort her, not just with words, but with physical touch. She is incredibly strong considering how kind she was to Lavinia, in spite of her own feelings for you.
One thing I liked about the show was how it portrayed the two of you as having matured. You were much more your own man, not trying to find your way in that big pool, having proved yourself in the war. You were not only a good man, but a brave man. Mary softened when she realized that she loved you whether you became Earl or not. It was her secret that kept her from accepting your first proposal - being afraid of what you would think of her, and then rejecting her. I've often wondered what you would have done if she had told you back then. Would you have been strong enough to accept her as she was?
Finally, I've heard that you and Mary have an argument in the 3rd series again. Doesn't Julian know that there is more to your relationship than arguing? You guys are friends and are great together - love literature, you dance wonderfully, you can tease each other and have great laughs together......there's the glue. Tell Julian to stop making you guys argue all the time please.


Dan says romance is dead, but i wouldn't mind if he romanced me!

Dan' Stevens..Keeper of the flame

When will Dan;s July article for the Telegraph be available online? I love his writing. Did I miss this.? long as there are articulate, intelligent....and handsome gentlemen, there will always be romance alive and well in a feminine heart. Keep the flame alive, Dan!!

from the USA

Dan Stevens


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