Downton Abbey: Christmas Special on iTunes & DVD

Downton Abbey: Christmas Special on iTunes & DVD

The Christmas Special episode recently broadcast, is now available to download from UK iTunes as part of the series for £4.99. The Behind the Drama programme is also available on iTunes. 

The DVD of the Christmas Special was released on Boxing Day and can be ordered from Amazon UK

The Belfast Telegraph recently shared an interview with Dan. Read it in full on the website. 

Dan admitted that he loves his hair lighter and relishes all the attention he gets from the TV show fans. "It's fun being blonde," he told Cover Media. "If I dyed my hair black now I think I could probably slink into the shadows and nobody would notice me."

The star also confessed that there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for the right director. Dan believes that sometimes you need to go to great lengths to really embody a character. "You find somebody who you trust and you go the extra mile for them," he explained. "I've worked with a lot of great directors."


Belfast Telegraph

Dan could never slink into the shadows - he would be noticed & recognised with a sack over his head!
What ever colour his hair was, his wonderful acting would advertise it was him!

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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