Downton Abbey: episode 8 teaser

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This teaser from next Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey, showing Matthew and Mary dancing, was shared on Tumblr by Clairere.



OMG! Matthew can dance! again? (well i must add), and so can Dan Stevens! (unless it is a camera trick...spinning in Last week we saw Matthew standing and jumping and now he's waltzing away with his third cousin (once removed? btw, is isobel and cora the same generation or isobel and violet? that would either make matthew robert's generation or mary's?) Lady Mary not his (deathly ill) fiancee. (Sorry about the spoilers, I think they're mentioned all over the internet though) I guess in Downton they don't need to 'learn to walk before you can run'. I guess they just skipped the walking part of the total recovery to further the plot in a more interesting revelation. Mary could be supporting Matthew while dancing?


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