Downton Abbey: set photos & Forbes interview

Downton Abbey: set photos & Forbes interview

There are a number of new publicity and on-set photos for Downton Abbey, including several of Dan, which have been uploaded to

Another interview with Dan has appeared on Read it in full on their website. 

Why do you think Downton Abbey is so popular everywhere?

It’s great story-telling, it’s very, very engaging storytelling. It’s been very well cast, if I may say so myself. Reading the scripts was a terrific thrill. That first read-through when the 20 principal actors were in the room, you suddenly thought, ‘My God, these are exactly the people I had in my head.’ It was sort of bizarre, that very rarely happens.


Transitioning from TV to movies

Re: Stevens' comment that it's rare for TV success to cross over to the movies. It's actually not that rare: look at Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies), George Clooney (ER), and numerous SNL stars who used the show to launch successful careers on the big screen. Which brings me to suggest it would be amazing for Dan Stevens or Michelle Dockery to host SNL!!!

Transitioning from TV to movies

I would love to see DS and MD in anything together. They have extraordinary chemistry and truly do look like a perfect match (perhaps the contrast in coloring?) In any event, I love these two together.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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