Downton Abbey: first glimpse of series 3

Downton Abbey: first glimpse of series 3

A number of photos from recent filming of Downton Abbey series 3 in Oxfordshire have appeared online. The Sunday Express shared an article and photos (view it via Press Display); while more behind the scenes photos, with a glimpse of Dan, can be found on the 106 Jack FM Facebook Page

PBS have a cast video interview, where they discuss the new series.

Watch Downton Abbey: Hopes for the Roaring Twenties on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.



Leaving DA

Hi Dan...

It will break my heart if you leave Downton Abbey... You are one of the best actors in the show and you portray Matthew with such a grace... If you leave, there will be a massive hole in the show that no one could fill... Please Please don't leave...We will all be heart-broken if Matthew gets killed... :(:(


Is Hilde available with English subtitles? I've looked everywhere and can't find it anywhere. I so want to see it!!!!

My heart to yours

Mr. Stevens-
PLEASE do not do this to my heart! Your character Matthew Crawley is one of the finest and well-written which has ever been. Your character's magnetism is also largely due to your acting talents. Not wishing to be overly dramatic, but yet truly from my heart to yours, I cannot even think of your character being written out, or - perish the thought- another actor taking your rightful place! You are Matthew Crawley, and he shall remain in my heart as long as memory serves. I know you are quite in demand now- but no character you ever play will be greater than Matthew Crawley. You are beloved by millions- yes- millions- here in America, and I'm sure, in all of Britain as well. There is no one who could ever replace you! It is my hope that you will read all of these heartfelt comments. I do mean mine with all of my heart, and thank you for all of the entertainment, we ladies do so love well-written and masterfully-portrayed romance, after all. I continue to wish you God's blessings.

Please don't leave DA Dan!

Hello Dan

We will be absolutely devestated if you leave DA before the production ends. You are such an integral and interesting part of the storyline, particularly helped by your wonderful acting! You have given us some awe-inspiring acting on a lot of dreary Sunday evenings in the autumn and we need more of your acting skills.

We know you would like to expand your acting abilities in other roles ie comedies. We are sure you will be wonderful in any role you play but, you cannot let your ever-growning legion of fans down by leaving DA before we reach the final act (and we don't mean the end of Series 3!).

DA won't go on forever - it's only for a few more series and then you can 'take flight' and delve into your acting heart's desire which we are sure you will really enjoy and be very successful.

In the meantime, sign the DA contract for series 4 & 5 and secure your future and keep all your loyal fans happy.

Every success and thank you.

Mul & Dav

Please sign the DA contract!

I second what Mul and Dav said above - you HAVE to stay with Downton! You have brought the character of Matthew Crawley to life and millions around the world are rooting for Matthew and Mary's journey together. We have constantly been in awe of the epic love story, and are captivated by your portrayal of Matthew. No one can do this better than you can! Just stay two more seasons - you can still do comedies, or a host of other roles, as well as reading, writing, all in between Downton, right? Please listen to your fans, Dan!

Please stay

I would not have said it better. Why would you want to leave such a successful show at its peak and disppoint your fans? You did a fantastic job portraiting Matthew and it could be the thing that people remember you for years to come. We are rooting for you. Please stay.


They would have to either kill off Matthew Crawley or recast the role, and both options are ludicrous. Mary cannot possibly lose her true love after all this, and no one else can fill Dan's shoes. On behalf of all the show's American fans, please don't go, Dan!

Here go again as well!!

Once again! - couldn't put it better myself! - I agree wholeheartedly with those comments!
Dan is so young & his life is all ahead of him - life is short Dan - take & do as much as you can while
you are young - you won't want or be able to once you age (sadly, so speaks the voice of experience!!)

Having my say - again!

Thank you to whoever suported my original Multi Talented Multi Tasking Dan.
However, I doubt Dan reads our comments, but maybe his agent, family and friends who have some influence do.
Fantastic as Maggie Smith is as the Dowger Countess Grantham - it is totally believable that a Dowger in her late 70's should fade away without harming the plot. But if Downton loses Dan's Matthew Crawley it will be left with a great void. To even suggest that another actor takes over the role is ludicrous and I doubt if Downton would recover if he was written out.
At the moment Dan seems to be rebelling against his own success - silly boy! And maybe is in danger of disappointing or losing his many fans on both sides of the pond, not to mention possibly harming his relationship with his fellow actors
Perhaps Jonathan Smith - the writer of Summer in February and his wise teacher and mentor during his rebellious schooldays might 'have a word'.
We would all love to see Dan play modern comedy, but not at the expense of leaving unfinished business at Downton. Why can't he do both and please himself and us?

Dan Stevens leaving the cast of Downton

I agree and am adding my voice to your comment...Dan cannot leave Downton Abbey. His fans have invested so much in the Mary and mathew Crawley story and it is huge part of Danton Abbey story. Besides he has such chemistry with all the cast members. I dont want to see a recast of mathew Crawley....

Please sign the damn contract Dan...

I cannot bear not to see you in Downton..

Should Dan Stevens leave Downton Abbey

I should be brokenhearted if he were to leave the cast! It cannot happen!

Multi Talented Multi Tasking Dan

Dan has confessed that he has found it tough to do Downton and Summer in February simultaneously; but he didn't mention all the reading he has to do as a Judge for the Booker Prize. Phew! What a schedule!
So I'm not surprised that he is hesitating at committing to Downton Series 4 & 5 and craves a change to a modern comedy.
After a break with his family and some time doing more writing (which is as good as his acting), he might consider combining Downton with something light and modern, as I think he did with Vamps.
But for many of his fans, Downton without his charismatic Matthew Crawley just won't do. If several other major characters are also hasitaitng at committing, perhaps it would be better for Downton to go out on a high at the end of Series 3

Multi Talented Multi Tasking Dan

I couldn't have put it better myself - your comments hit the nail right on the head - well done!! - now if only
Dan would read our comments? - maybe he would reconsider? or - as you say Downton finishes at
series 3 & on a real high?

Dan Stevens


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