Downton Abbey: Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Drama Series 2013 SAG Awards

Congratulations to the Downton Abbey team for winning Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Drama Series at last night's 2013 SAG Awards. The LA Times has all the details. 



Congratulations to all the DA team, cast, crew, music, - to each and every one of them.

I wish it wouldn't end like this

I just finished watching the Christmas special through the DVDs already delivered here in the US. I can not imagine how an actor could decide to leave such a great character he was privileged to be given to play (which he played it very well except for the bedpost! part). Despite all the reasons I have read here on this website and elsewhere, it still does not make any sense that why an actor should leave a character that has brought him to this worldwide recognition for a Broadway show that is not watched all over the world. This act may not only bring ruin to his image but also has already ruined the story line and the production so bitterly. Fans are his customers and may take this to their heart as deeply as their hearts are captured by this show. No matter if he has played alongside an oscar nominee or etc, his decision of leaving Downton is not going to be unseen by the same co workers and it will stay in the back of their minds when they consider other things in future. No matter how friendly, nice and professional they behave towards the actor in order to have a successful teamwork at Broadway or elsewhere, this action wouldn't be something to be proud of to have on his resume/image/reputation/customer satisfaction profile. As a fan I really feel deeply sad that the writer and the rest of the cast and crew could not finish the production the way it had been planned to be in the writer's mind (even though I had seen some claims that it was planned to be in 3 series, honestly I believe this is how they contract the cast in Britain to see if the product is successful to continue after the 3rd series but it does not mean thay can not go beyond the 3 series/years) . I think Matthew was the leader of younger generation (the three girls and Tom) to bring the new/modern ideas and fresh air to the family, house, business and their dynamics. He was one of the major/key characters or the heart of the story as an heir to the house and the title. I am amazed how the actor himself could not envision this himself and the importance of how essential this character is and could grow more important/dominant as the time pass in future seasons. I am not judging this base on the gender and good looks of the actor who played Matthew. I think even if the actor was chosen to be not a good looking one, the character of Matthew was so positive and adorable that he would have been loved by the fans anyway as much as he has been. I really feel so sorry for this loss for the show, production, the cast and crew and the fans. I can not imagine how worse than fans his cast members could have been felt. Kudos to them that despite all the suffering they have kept their professionalism at an exemplary level. I think one day may be the actor himself may find it a great loss for himself retrospectively but I hope if he finds it to be this way, it would not be as bitter as how the fans and the rest of the cast and crew have tasted it so far. Every job is a responsibility no matter if it is acting, business, medicine, law or etc and anybody has the right to change the job when the responsibility is fulfilled in an appropriate manner so no side will taste such a terrible bitterness. Every human being who has a job/responsibility would be under the pressure of making a balance between the professional career and the personal life responsibilities and no one is an exemption from this hardship/challenge based on the gravity of their careers.

Re "I wish...

I am saddened to see the resurgence of bitter criticism regarding Dan's decision to leave Downton. There are many of us who are deeply upset at the loss of Matthew, and I admit that I am one of these, but I had hoped that some of the acrimony may have dissipated by now and I hold no resentment. (Please read on-)
Along with his fellow cast members, and all the production team, Dan played a significant role in making the drama the success that it has become, and that should not be overlooked. However, the show's success seems to have overtaken the original plan of a 3 season story line. At least two of the cast, Dan being one of those, had signed on for the 3 year contract, and had decided not to extend this, having given notice, BEFORE the filming of Series 3 began, that that would be the case. We, the general public, obviously do not know what other contributing factors there may have been, but certainly other opportunities may have had to have been discounted/rejected because of the time commitment required for Downton Abbey. Although only 8 + 1 episodes were produced for S3, filming spread over a period of many months - February to August - in 2012.
I am aware that Dan was also busy with filming Summer In February and judging for the Man Booker prize, these being just two of what were probably many professional demands. We must also not forget, as Julian Fellowes reminded us, that Dan has a young family to whom he is devoted. (That in itself is not a common situation for many of his fellow actors of similar age and standing).
Dan has made it clear on several occasions that he does not regard star status or huge financial rewards as a judge of his fulfilment, success and happiness. He appears to be sensitive, considerate and well-grounded, and I for one wish him a long, varied and happy career, wherever it may take him - screen, stage, audio drama or with his writing. I am looking forward to his forthcoming projects, but yes, I will miss his 'Matthew' very much, but I would not have wanted to see him become a one-character player, the 'Ken Barlow' of Downton, for if Downton Abbey becomes a victim of its own success and rolls on and on, just because it is a huge moneyspinner, then the magic it brought to our screens will be forgotten and tainted. Personally I believe that it should have ended with Series 3 and on a high, optimistic note, to be fondly remembered for the fine drama that it was.

Re " I wish"

I agree with you entirely, particularly your last sentence. You present a well balanced argument, unlike the previous post which talks about the devastation caused to production cast and crew and his fellow actors. Good grief! Actors are used to fellow actors coming and going all the time. Please "I wish it wouldn't end like this" do not transfer your own anguish onto the shoulders of others unless you know for a fact that they share that same anguish.
I'm sure all those involved will miss Dan for one reason or another but they will get on with their lives and support him in his decision as they have already shown a willingness to do so.

everybody has gotten on their lives including fans

Why shouldn't they? And also other cast members including the writer have mentioned their sadness in the special features on the DVD and in so many occasions. This is something obvious that has been seen and it is not transferred.


Isn't there a great difference between the cast being sad that Dan has left because they will miss him as a friend and colleague and the cast being sad because he has totally "ruined" the story line? Who within the cast/production team has actually said anything about the latter? Some, including the writer and the producer have seen it as a positive move for Downton in that it can now go in a different direction.

for both

but they also decided for a "different" direction from the previous story line (that can not be done anymore because the actor left) in order to move on and make it an even bigger success despite the leave. They are very smart people indeed who make a positive move from the initial negative one (no heir anymore for the previous story line).

meant they are sad for both reasons

meant they are sad for both reasons as they have mentioned these in the most polite and politically correct way so far. My question would be are they missing the actor himself or the character he played? which I think the answer would be for both also. One may consider the importance of the character may weigh more than just being co workers as someone has already mentioned this before as "Actors are used to fellow actors coming and going all the time"

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