Downton Abbey: Series 2 US premiere & interview

Downton Abbey: Series 2 US premiere & interview

Don't forget that PBS will broadcast the US premiere of Downton Abbey series 2 tonight. Check local listings for details. There is an interview with Dan on ET Online - read it in full on their website.

ETonline: The cast is about to head into season three, do you know what the longterm plan is - and when all is said and done, would you like Matthew to take over Downton or go back to his old life?

Stevens: Beyond season three, we don't know. We were all optioned for 3 to begin with but nobody had any idea it would be this successful. As long as the audience sticks with us, I think it could run on for years, but it's not my call. As for your second question, I don't think it's possible for him to go back - the era Downton explores serves to show that it was the dawn of a new age. Starting with the sinking of the Titanic, that was a very good place to mark the start of the modern era. The end of the Edwardian Era with the old world on a precipice. Then plunging that world off the cliff with WWI at the start of season two. Then, season three, as far as I understand, it will be about 1920 & 21, which is piecing things back together - emotionally, socially, back at the house. Season two has a faster pace, we see Matthew at war, I expect season three to scale back a bit, become more about the house again. But now, I don't see Matthew going back to be a lawyer in Manchester - if we run long enough for Robert to choke on a walnut and need Matthew to fill his shoes, I think we could see him taking the house into the modern era.


Matthew Crawley

I hope Dan Stevens will take Matthew Crawley to the end of Downton Abbey, however long the show runs.
I love, love this show and all the cast in it and if he is not Matthew, the show will lose a huge void.... and may even suffer .
Dan is incredible as Matthew Crawley and I cant see any other actor filling in his shoes. He can do other things when he is not filming Downton....which can only increases his popularity.

Dan Stevens


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