Downton Abbey: series 3 commissioned

Several online sources, including The Guardian and Radio Times are reporting that Downton Abbey will return next year for series 3. Filming for series 3 will apparently begin in the new year and be broadcast in September 2012. 

It’s the least surprising news of the TV year: there will be a third series of Downton Abbey on ITV1 in 2012.

Eight new episodes are to be filmed, set in 1920 and 1921 and covering 18 months in the lives of the Crawley family and their staff. Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Penelope Wilton, Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan, Sophie McShera, Lesley Nicol, Rob James-Collier, Siobhan Finneran, Joanne Froggatt, Brendan Coyle, Allen Leech and Amy Nuttall all return for the third series, which will be written once again by Julian Fellowes and retains the same production team.


Downton Abbey

Dear Dan,

I love Downton Abbey. I love the fact that all the working class people are either honourable forelock tuggers, prepared to hurl themselves in front of exploding artillery shells in order to save the lives of their betters OR are chain smoking cowardly self-wounders (to get out of the WWI trenches) & evil schemers who'll do something like place a bar of soap on the floor to rob the Lord & Lady of a beloved male heir.

I love how the show totally ignores the dire, grinding poverty the vast majority of people lived in in those days, without the vote, health services, welfare , education, Morrisons to wander around in their pyjamas or inside toilets. In those halcyon, carefree days of one long fancy dress garden party for the right sort of people, His Lordship of the-Tory-fundraiser (yes, he received his peerage for raising money for the Tory party) Julian Kitchener Fellowes, show us, over & over again, just how so much, much better things were back then, when the Tories controlled everything, just as God had always intended. Hurrah!

Jane Austen never mentioned

Jane Austen never mentioned the horrendous maternal and child morbidity and mortality of her day, nor the ongoing wars between Britain and France, nor the grinding poverty experienced by many in England then. Doesn't stop her popularity still, nor the popularity of the many adaptations of her work. Downton Abbey is a drama, not a documentary, and has the licence to be whatever Julian Fellowes wishes. It being make-believe and everything, not a gritty reflection on social mores. 

Luckily 10 million viewers just in UK agree. Enjoy series 3 :D

Admin (not Dan)


Of course this is wonderful news and can't happen soon enough, even though I wish that could be sooner rather than later! Downton Abby is a wonderful escape to another time and place...a place where you can be reminded that despite social stations and positions people are just people. They have heartaches and triumphs, are thrown into situations that they never saw coming, and rise and fall by the strengths of their own character.

It's such fun watching two characters fall in love and heartbreaking to see two lovers you just know are destined to be together kept apart. Downton Abby weaves this tale so exquisitely that you feel that you are peeking into the past and viewing the lives of real people, so well is it written and performed. I cannot wait to see what will happen with poor Anna and John Bates, and watch more of Matthew and Mary together. And poor Edith! Will she ever get to be happy?

So there you have it, season 3 can't be finished fast enough!

Release date of series in US

Why not just do a worldwide release of Downton Abbey so viewers don't have to suffer the anxiety. Four months is a long delay of release dates. Maybe a week or two will be an appropriate delay.

Release of Downton Abbey

It is a shame that the leadership were not confident of their product. It was my daughter that introduced me to the series. I really liked all the sub-movies within the movie. I'd love to get my popcorn and take a weekend and run through them all. Hurry up! I've been through the first two a couple of times already.

Can Fellowes’s & Company be really so naive . . .

I've already seen all of series 2 and the suburb Christmas Special here in the USA about 24-72 hrs. after each of the ITV broadcasts - there's gotta be umpteen-hundred ways to get 'em ONL -- is ITV (even PBS) so ignorant of just how many DA junkies there are stateside alone. It would seem that at the very least ITV's business competences would grasp the commercial value of whole new sets of advertisers in the rest of the "English"-speaking world whom would love to sponsor a simulcast - even on a 24-72 hr. delay basis, so as to preserve ITV's UK preeminence.

Dan Stevens


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