Downton Abbey series 3 & Summer In February updates

A brief press release / interview with Dan has appeared online, confirming that Summer In February has finished filming in London, and also that Dan has been simultaneously filming Downton Abbey series 3. 

The "Downton Abbey" star has had a double-dose of drama this month. The British actor, who plays Matthew Crawley, has been shooting the third series of the Golden Globe-winning country house TV series set in 1920 — and another period piece at the same time.

Stevens is starring alongside Dominic Cooper and Emily Browning, "Summer in February, " Christopher Menaul's film about a love triangle set in an Edwardian artistic community. Shooting on the movie wrapped in London on Wednesday. And neither project has been lighthearted fare.

It's left Stevens craving some comedy. He said he would "like to do something modern and possibly funny," adding that he hasn't had "many laughs for a while so that would be nice."

More from the interview here. Photos of filming series 3 of Downton Abbey have appeared on the Mail website. Google for the link. This tweet about filming Summer In February was posted this morning.



Don't over do it Dan!!

I am so sorry to hear Dan may not be doing any further Downton Abbey - he is all period drama out!!
I can understand that he needs some light drama now - but maybe after a rest he may reconsider-
he will be so missed- for it will be a sadder show without him. Don't make a hasty decision Dan, as
you once said you need to bring home the bacon! & for another cliche - don't throw the baby out with the bath water! - you are young & will only be 32 when Downton is finished after its 5th season! Plenty of time
for modern drama & some good laughs!!

Wonder if Vamps is lighter,

Wonder if Vamps is lighter, it definitely looks modern :) Hoping he doesn't quit Downton Abbey, but whatever he decides to do.. I'll always be a fan! Good luck to him and his family!

Dan's future projects

I'm sure Dan will make the right decisions regarding his future committments. It will be a pity if Dan decides to withdraw from Downton, but we do not know this as a fact yet. He is hugely talented and has had his fair share of costume dramas, and Vamps, I'm sure will shed a new light on his talents of providing comedy. Whatever the future, Dan will make the right decision for himself and his family. I wish him all the very best for the future, whatever paths he decides to take. Pat Giles

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