Downton Abbey: Telegraph interview

Downton Abbey: Telegraph interview

There are lovely interviews and photos of Dan in The Telegraph and also today's Weekend magazine. 

The real Dan Stevens is just as scrupulously polite as his fictional presence on screen, but funnier and somewhat less bunged-up in the nether regions. He’s not having any of this idea that he’s now some kind of posh blond pin-up. “The female attention I have to struggle hardest with,” he says, with a smooth glance to leg, “is from my two-year-old daughter.”


Not only very good looking!

Not only very good looking! but a very smart dresser as well! once again he makes us Brits look good!
Thanks Dan! Happy Christmas to you & your Family.x

I Love Dan!

dan you are so amazing :) merry christmas xx

downton abbey


Im from France and i discver Downton last month, i finish to watch the season 2 and i hope to watch soon other season . Dan you are a really good actor and all actor of downton too. Its a real pleasure to watch Downton

Thank u so much


Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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