Downton Abbey, Vamps and Cricket news

Downton Abbey, Vamps and Cricket news

There are photos on Zimbio of Dan at the Authors vs Actors cricket match at Lords Cricket Ground on August 22nd. Another photo was shared on Twitter by Tom Holland

According to Slash Film, Vamps will be released in selected US cinemas on November 2nd, and on DVD 13th November. A video interview with Dan and Laura Carmichael has been uploaded to the MSN website.


Great Site

This is just a great site for all things Dan, and Downton. I enjoy checking up on what''s new and news, and especially interview video's etc, as well as the comments. Looks like we in the US will have a lengthy wait for season 3 and patience has never been my virtue. Do hope Dan will continue his always beautifully written and erudite column for the Telegraph, another bit I always look forward to. Just thought i'd say "Thanks" to all who make this spot possible. OH, and I do hope Dan and his wife have decided on a name for their son, he can't go through life as "baby 2"! Good luck on Broadway, Dan!
from the USA


Nice to see they watch the YouTube videos. Not just the Americans have embraced DA. The rest of us in the world also watch DA. Too bad it's not snowing when Series 3 starts. We fans all had to finish the night off and the next morning. The appeal, in my view, to DA is not only the period and the costumes, it's the romance between Matthew & Mary (Julian's sadistic with them), the story of Bates' and the death of his wife, Branson, love his Irishness and how he shakes up the family (Matthew too). I think everyone relates to certain things - our ancestors came from UK, so there has always been an interest in Britain. We love the old world, the British accents, handsome men dressed up for dinner everynight, and the ladies too. Our grandparents and great-grandparents fought in the 1st WW. I like how Captain Crawley called one soldier, while in the trenches, "Stevens". I wonder if he (Dan Stevens) had a great-grandparent who fought in the war at Amiens and they put it in the script. Kinda neat, I think. Why does Matthew have a soft spot for Edith? Does he always cheer for the underdog? I think he does. I hope there's lot of romance for Matthew and Mary. It's about time. Make sure Dan and Michelle get some more video interviews together. There haven't been any for a while.

Lovely, lovely interview

Thank you so much for making this interview available for us, what a treat to see these wonderful actors as just themselves, completely charming and personable. Makes you wish there were awards for just plain "niceness." Dan Stevens always comes across as such a gentleman, and I am hoping that Edith will find some much deserved and overdue happiness in season 3. (and that Lady Mary behaves herself). Best of good luck to this marvelous cast, they are like dear friends to those of us who love the show.
from the USA


Somehow, I wonder if it's Mary that you have to exhort to behave herself. I hope everyone behaves themselves, and Edith finds a husband quick. Strallin's looking pretty good now. However, at the Servants' Ball, Thomas and Edith looked pretty good dancing, even though things would be off kilter. They were having fun dancing.
I am curious about a love triangle downstairs, I read somewhere. Trying to figure that one out.
Mary and Matthew deserve to be happy together with no more friction and doubt plaguing them all the time. Mary is head over heels in love with Matthew, and Matthew has finally come around to recognize his love for Mary never died. I hope Fellowes has mercy on them this time.

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