The Dragon's Eye


Audio book narrated by Dan


Dugald A Steer


Orion Publishing Group


The Dragon's Eye tells the story of Dr Drake, the world-famous dragonologist working in London and Sussex. When two young apprentice dragonologists, Beatrice and Daniel Cook, are taken into his care to attend his Dragonology summer school, all sorts of trouble ensues. The three must deal with wayward dragons, missing diaries, and the evil antics of the terrible Ignatius Crook, who is intent on stealing the dragon's eye, and claiming the title of Dragon Master for himself. This brilliant novel, spanning the British Isles, brings to life many of the elements that fascinated readers of Dragonology. Find out more about SASD (the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists), meet some dragons in the flesh, hear them tell their own secrets, and learn all about dragons and how to keep an indispensable dragon.

Their paths last crossed 17 years earlier. Now they are about to face each other again. And the strike back is about to begin.

Published date

14th May 2007

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