Encounter with Dan in Wales

Wales Online columnist Carolyn Hitt posted an article on the recent international rugby match in Cardiff, where she unexpectedly met Dan. Read the full article on the website. 

And in my row, next to my match companion, soprano Shan Cothi, was a handsome and charming young chap with aquamarine eyes and a golden three feathers on his tweed lapel. “I’m sure we’ve met before, I know your face from somewhere,” I told him as we shook hands. He smiled.

Half way through the anthem – which he was singing with gusto – I realised with embarrassment I hadn’t met him before but I did know the face. It had graced our television screens every Sunday on Downton Abbey. It was Dan Stevens aka Matthew Crawley, the relatively poor cousin who could stand to inherit the vast estate as the only male heir. Unless he marries the gorgeous Mary, Lord Grantham’s headstrong eldest daughter – which was the romantic cliffhanger the first series ended on.

Although Dan is portraying the thoroughly English Matthew Crawley, when it comes to rugby the Cambridge graduate is passionately Welsh thanks to his dad who taught at Christ College, Brecon. The actor proudly displayed a photo of his 16-month-old daughter Willow toddling in full Welsh kit. “So do you get the girl in the second series?” I asked him as we drowned sorrows with a few post-match sherbets. “They don’t even tell me that, I won’t know until I see the script,” he grinned. 

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