Evening Standard article and photos

Evening Standard article and photos

Lovely new photos of Dan and Susie attending the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition preview party have been shared by the Evening Standard.

The ex-Downton Abbey actor revealed he “started living a bit healthier” while starring in The Heiress on Broadway this year.


Welcome hone & good to see you!

A warm "welcome home" to Dan & his family! It is always good to see photos of them together.


Only thing nicer than a photo of Dan, is one of Dan with his beautiful Susie! I have to think it must be nice to be home in England again. They surely look content and happy.
from the USA

Latest photo

Lovely photo of both Dan and Susie. Good to see them back home in England even if it is only temporary.

Amazing who you see sometimes in the background.......!

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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