The Fifth Estate character details, new Telegraph column & Junket article

The Fifth Estate character details, new Telegraph column & Junket article

Digital Spy shared this photo of Dan to accompany an article about The Fifth Estate and the characters being portrayed.

Dan Stevens as Ian Katz

As deputy editor of The Guardian, Katz was responsible for coordinating much of the WikiLeaks collaboration, assembling ad hoc teams of journalists to comb through the vast amounts of data and identity news lines. Like Rusbridger, Katz has spoken about the difficulty of working with Assange thanks to his increasing paranoia, describing communication as "a cloak and dagger affair". Two years ago, he wrote an article describing the gradual decay of Assange's relationship with The Guardian and the other media outlets he collaborated with.

The latest edition of The Junket has been posted on the website, which includes a contribution from Dan. The Telegraph has shared Dan's latest column, in which he gives the Royals experienced advice about coping with the first days of being a new family.


 Thanks for the heads up!

 Thanks for the heads up!

5th Estate and his literary contributions

Looking forward to the 5th Estate, but annoyed to see that so much of the buzz is about Benedict C. (grrrrr. . ..)
Dan's contributions to The Junket and his Telegraph column are always an interesting read.

Patenting advice to the royals! :) I do expect, however, that most of the referenced knitwear will be donated to charity, perhaps by the truckload.

Brilliant Junket Issue....

The current issue if The Junket is the best yet. Thanks to the wonders of the I-Pad, I have relished each article. Lucid, evocative, and thoroughly entertaining. Kudos to Dan and each author!

What a treat!

I always look forward to "reading" Dan, and printing them out to savor many times. (Though I doubt he will ever top the one he wrote about helping his small daughter choose a "surprise" Mother's Day card!) Actor, writer, et al, but most of all, a gentleman, and a very good man. Whatever he does next, I will enjoy.
from the USA

Choosing a Mother's Day card

I missed the article about the Mother's Day card. Where can I find it?
from the USA

Mothers Day card correction

Sorry I gave the wrong date of the Mothers Day card article by Dan, it is the March 2012 issue of The Telegraph/
from the USA

Mothers Day Card...

It is in the Telegraph article Dan writes, of 5/18/12. Another "favorite" of mine is where he describes the joys of a hammock (and his daughters word for it..) June, 2012. But then, nearly all his writings wind up as 'favorites" for one reason or another. Hope you can find them and enjoy, too.
from the USA

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link

Absolutely brilliant!

What a great way to start the day - two brilliant pieces of writing, both of which made me laugh and smile repeatedly!
Well done Dan! I just love your style!

So it's Dan that portrays the voice of reason and caution....

I like this description of Ian Katz. Wonder just how small yet crucial the role in the film is?

And don't we need...

a voice of "reason and caution" in this mad world Go for it Dan, you are one of the few who can make it believable.

Dan Stevens


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