The Fifth Estate: first photo of Dan

The Fifth Estate: first photo of Dan

The new Twitter account for The Fifth Estate has shared this first photo of Dan from the film, which will be released in the US on October 18th. 


Scene stealer

Doesn't matter how many, or how few scenes he's in, Dan will "steal" it. As the song says..."can't take my eyes off of you"!!


His part may be small, but he will make an impact! Can't wait for any and all of his next ventures.

Good to see

Thank you for this.

Although I believe Dan's role is not a major character in this new film, it will be very interesting to see him in another situation & period. No doubt he will do it justice and there has also been recent acknowledgement of his ability and manner in his latest film, "The Guest".

WOOO!!!!! Can't wait. I find

WOOO!!!!! Can't wait. I find the whole film intriguing.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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